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MIR method: These are the 9 sentences (step by step)

MIR method: These are the 9 sentences (step by step)

What are the 9 sentences of the MIR method ? Here you will find the 9 phrases step by step. You will also find an instruction video on this page. Read further…

This is just a small, enthusiastic reference to the original work

The MIR method is the work of Mireille Mettes. This little article is just an enthusiastic encouragement to head over to the official site yourself  and find out more about it.

How does the MIR method work: ‘stroke’ your hand and say the 9 sentences

Say the 9 sentences below out loud three times. You do this while stroking your hand.

What are the 9 sentences? You can find them in the video below from the official source. If I were to write the 9 sentences here, I would be quoting too much of the work in my opinion.

Watch the instruction video of below

How often should you use these 9 sentences of the MIR method?

The MIR method should be applied twice a day for a minimum of four weeks. If you have existing serious complaints, start the first two weeks with steps 5 and 7 only, before doing all the steps for four weeks.

Also check out the official book of the MIR method

The book ‘The MIR method, self-healing in an instant’ is an excellent book with an explanation of the method, including scientific substantiation. It just comes down to following the steps then.

My own experience with the MIR method

I personally think the MIR method is a godsend because it is short and sweet: there are 9 positive sentences and in the meantime it also makes use of the healing power of touch. This makes it very meditative and powerful for me.

To your success!

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