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What is God? God is love: discover the meaning here

What is God? God is love: discover the meaning here

What exactly is God? This is typically a subject that cannot be explained with our limited language. We can only point to it, with our language. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this article. 

Everyone wants to be connected to something higher

We want to be connected to something higher, something deeper than our own identity: something we all share. That could be: another person, God, nature, love, unity, togetherness, compassion, tolerance … These ideas are unfortunately suppressed for the benefit of greed, ego and lust.

We need God, whatever your concept of God is.

It’s hard to see at times, but there is more than matter, form, greed, ego and lust. It is not easy to access the infinite consciousness that is accessible to all people, because we are limited by vain imaginations, and by the limited instruments of the 5 senses.

In addition, everything that can be researched in science lies in the field of the 5 senses. We mainly live in the world of the 5 senses, but reality is limitless. Space is endless. Time is timeless.

Our eyes can only perceive between infrared and ultraviolet light. Our ears can only hear a small decibel range. For example, we cannot hear a dog whistle. Then isn’t it likely that there are other frequencies, vibrations, energies, consciousnesses, in the universe?

Whatever that may be, you don’t have to call it “God.” You can also call it “Love”, “Source”, Unity or “Nature”. They are all fingers that can point to the same moon.

What is God? Several descriptions are possible

What is God - God is love

Some take the words in the Bible literally, seeing God literally as a man with a beard in heaven. Some do interpret the Bible metaphorically. I personally think we cannot understand it with our logical rational thinking, but we can feel it within. I personally see God as: infinite {place all attributes here}. So take the quality of ‘love’ for example, then God is infinite love. And then the same for all other positive qualities. A higher frequency. An endless source of creativity.

Not a leaf falls from the tree if God doesn’t want it.

Eckhart Tolle explains God in a beautiful way: “God is that which cannot be described, a deep inner sacred essence. Where there is beauty, this essence is shining through. ‘ It only reveals itself to you when you are present. ‘ Eckhart Tolle goes on to quote the following Bible quote: ‘Be still, know that, I am, God’. Eckhart says that all the words in this quote are synonyms of each other. So God is:

  • Silence, calm, peace
  • Know
  • ‘I’
  • ‘To be’
  • ‘I am’
  • Now

God is what moves the sun and all other stars.

In holy scriptures you will also find common names of God:

  • Eternal
  • Unreachable
  • Unknowable yet personal
  • Omniscient
  • Omnipresent
  • Almighty
  • Unseen
  • Infinite
  • Love

You will find God’s qualities in yourself: He has also placed God’s likeness in you

What is God - God is love

Love and God appears automatically and naturally when you are present . Because your presence is God’s presence. Read more about this in the section ‘Perception is projection: we are effective co-creators’.  See yourself as a manifestation of something higher, a higher frequency, through which you also possess properties of that higher frequency.

I choose to believe that there is Divine beauty in all of us. You can choose to describe that with quantum physics or science, but I choose to believe: I recognize the Divine beauty in all of us. Within you is an infinite capacity, a connection with a higher power, higher consciousness … Some people call it God!

What gave you life, what produced you of yourself? So that it could get to know itself? So that it could touch, taste, feel, see itself …?

What holds you, loves you, embraces you, always, like a mother embraces her newborn baby?

What has always called you back to yourself from the very beginning?

– Jeff Foster

And is it necessary to explore and utilize that capacity with God? Absolutely. You cannot define yourself by comparing yourself to other external things. You must define yourself by going internal with your relationship with a higher entity, a higher frequency.

Whatever you do, do it from a place within you that is true. We are connected with greatness. Everyone feels it in the silence, in the presence in all of us. There is Divine beauty in all of us. It comes from somewhere deep. We are connected with all living things. If we choose to believe in that, instead of our selfish material needs, we create a culture that is more in tune with the planet.

You can always take an extra step towards God, because God is infinite so you can take infinite extra steps towards God.

Through meditation we make contact with God

Meditation is a question you ask of the infinite creative force that guides all phenomena and all life. Namely: “Can you move through me?”

On your luck!

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    Good afternoon sir or madam God’s love for everyone and all people also love god of animals and plants and the holy spirit that comes in the name of jesus christ our lord jesus son of god mary compassionate mother also mother mary holy spirit of god the beloved son of god because god is love