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Learning to Pray: What is Prayer? You should know this

Learning to Pray: What is Prayer? You should know this

What is Prayer? And how can you learn to pray? Let’s look at what priest Anthony de Mello and philosopher Eckhart Tolle said about this. Without going into details, but by looking at the essence of prayer. The steps you can take to pray are listed at the end of the article.

Prayers are downloads and uploads from infinity

You could see prayers as ways to exchange intentions from ‘Infinite Love’: with prayers you tune in to ‘Infinity’. Different people use different names for this: God, Love, Universe, etc.

Just ‘call’ with above.

You can send an intention into the universe with a prayer. An example of this is a healing prayer. You can also send an intention with prayer to, for example, be more loving in your daily life.

Prayers are downloads from infinity.

learn to pray what is prayer

You cannot understand the joy of prayer until you understand the problem of materialism

Before we learn to pray, it makes sense to understand why we pray. Priest Anthony de Mello said:

‘Material things include excitement, pleasure, fear … You are always concerned about what others think of you. Who is the most beautiful, popularity, prestige, You lose your soul, and when you die, you die without ever having lived. Materialism was invented by society to exploit and control us. When you understand that, you can be free, free from the great illusions and addictions that we can let go of. ‘

And then you can understand the joy of what prayer is, of what God is. Then we are free from the illusion of popularity, prestige, etc. There is only one thing we need: to be real and to love. When you understand that, your life transforms into a life where prayer has a place. But hardly anyone understands. Eckhart Tolle says, “Life is a buffet, but the tragedy is that everyone is starving.”

Why Does Prayer Work? Partly due to the law of ‘quantum entanglement’

“Quantum entanglement” tells us the following: Since the beginning – the Big Bang – we are still energetically connected with each other, because we all came from that one point. That is why prayer works: even though two objects (people) are no longer spatially connected, at an energy level this is still the case.

Learning to Pray – Prayer is not about earthly matters

You cannot ask God to do things that you can do yourself. A man goes to a Sufi master. ‘I believe in God so much that I haven’t tied my camel to a stake! I leave it to the care of God! ‘ To which the Sufi master replied: “Fasten him you smart!”

Prayer does not change the world, but prayer changes man and man changes the world.
– Einstein

Prayer is not ‘serious’ or ‘obligatory’ – On the contrary …

learn to pray what is prayer

We pray not because we have to, but because it literally conjures magical moments in our lives. Without prayer, the days, weeks, months are common. That is fine, but then there is not that extra magical layer to life.

If you ask a question that doesn’t get an answer, that’s the answer.
– Haemin Sunim

Prayers create miracles: synchronistic openings!  You just have to ask for those miracles. The law is: Ask and it will be given to you.

Then what is prayer?

Priest Anthony de Mello said, “Prayer is fire, prayer is love, that is prayer.” Prayer is also love, because God is love. No attraction, so not what you are afraid of losing.

Prayer is …

An intention …

You create …

Miracles …

I don’t believe in miracles, I trust them.

  • Prayer is companionship and conversation with God. To be precise: with the spirit of God: the Holy Spirit. When you start praying with heart and soul, with surrender, then happiness will flow into your heart. You then open the doors to deeper wisdom and inspiration.
  • Prayer is being completely connected to God, as if you put your finger in an electrical outlet and get fully charged with positive energy, that flows intensely to you and from you, so that all negative immediately bounces off you.
  • Meditation should not make your daily activities forget or flee from them, but rather relate them. Meditation brings our neuroses to the surface instead of the bottom of our mind. It is an attitude of basic acceptance of yourself and your emotions.
  • Prayer is also selflessness. You don’t just say prayers for yourself. Don’t think about yourself, do it for the holy spirit and for the world. Prayer is asking attributes for right action in the now.
  • Prayer is to wake up full of joy! No more being stuck in the daily grind: being asleep. It is awakening. It is connecting with non-material joy: forever.
  • Prayer is a state of receptivity to help.
  • It is: from error to guidance.
  • Getting to the core.

Through prayer and meditation we are connected with others who meditate.

Learn to pray? Get more out of your prayers? Follow these four steps

learn to pray what is prayer

These are the steps to pray:

  1. Take time to find an honorable, peaceful attitude.
  2. Arrive in that perfect place where everything is in alignment with God.
  3. Say a prayer. Out loud or in yourself. Or rather, sing a prayer. This stimulates the free, un-ego-suppressed sixth sense.
  4. Decide to allow guidance into your life. Pray to give up some of your control.
  5. Finished praying? Wait for an answer: for a while be open, empty and receptive to whatever may come your way in the near future.
  6. Follow your prayer with action. Not going on too long on it, but going straight into the world with inspired action.

It does not have to be done through a ‘standard’ prayer alone

As long as it comes from your heart when you speak to your creator, you can do anything:

You can pray in the form of, “Please give me …” That can develop into: “Thank you for everything and thank you for …” It can also mature afterwards into, “I want to be like you.” And it can even eventually transcend words, causing us to pray in sacred silence with our whole being.

Pray to the angels, the intermediaries for God

Use the angels as mediators to connect with God. These energies work for God. They are the elements of Divine help and guidance that God sends to you. They are God’s staff, ready to help you. Read here how to enlist the help of angels.

God is dazzling. You cannot address God directly. The angels are God’s ambassadors. His team. They work for God.

Also say mini prayers all day long

For example:

  • Use me (this will make your day easier and easier to accomplish your mission. For example, as soon as you get up, you will seem to be carried to the bathroom!)
  • Help
  • Help me. I’m stuck. I really could use some help. I need help with this. Bring me some assistance.
  • Thanks
  • make my day
  • Send me instructions
  • Help me find the right doctor
  • Bring me the abilities I need: peace, patience, insight …
  • Bring me presents Are you passing a church or mosque? Nice stop for a prayer

And finally, serving is prayer too

Prayer is meaningless if it is not followed by action. Bring the results of your prayer to the outside world by being gentle with others and serving, such as by doing random acts or kindness .

In fact, doing these good deeds is also a form of prayer!

Be the living expression of the goodness of God: goodness in your face, goodness in your eyes, goodness in your smile …
– Mother Teresa

This was the article on learning to pray. Good luck!

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