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Being Thoughtful: Meaning & Tips [Quality Of Thoughtfulness]

Being Thoughtful: Meaning & Tips [Quality Of Thoughtfulness]

How can you be thoughtful, deliberate and considerate? Read on and learn more about this important and powerful quality…

What Is Thoughtfulness?

Thoughtfulness, which you could also call thoughtfulness, means that you are constantly aware of your words, actions and even your thoughts.

This ensures that you make wise decisions, develop your inner vision and illuminate your life. If you are considered, then there will be clarity and peace in your life.

Tip 1 – Don’t get rushed

Don’t fall into the trap of being influenced by people around you who are chasing you while you want to make decisions. Stay with yourself and don’t let these people rush you. That way you can make a more thoughtful decision.

Tip 2 – Don’t let your choices be based on your emotions

Always ask yourself, “Is my choice based on an emotion or an objective consideration?” Thus, you turn anger into justice through thoughtfulness. It helps to put things into perspective and to be sober .

Tip 3 – Use all your senses and be aware of the world around you

The most important thing is to think carefully to be thoughtful and deliberate. However, sometimes it is enough and it is time to stop thinking.

This tip seems paradoxical, because you would think that you need to think extra hard to be considered and thoughtful. However, the opposite is often true. You shouldn’t keep thinking 24 hours a day …

Be aware of everything that is going on around you. Because of this you don’t get lost in endless streams of thoughts that lead nowhere. You are optimally thought out if you have peace of mind and are alert to the things around you. This way, a well-considered idea can suddenly come to you, thanks to that peace of mind.

Tip 4 – Dissociate yourself from your mind through a breathing break

When you are in the middle of your mind, then you are in the middle of all mental activity, including all anxiety and emotions. That is why it is good to look at it from a distance. You do this by meditating through a simple exercise.  This serves as a breather for your mind, and that pause is very welcome.

Can you cleanse your inner vision until you see nothing but the light? Can you step back from your own mind and thus understand all things?
– Tao te Ching

Tip 5 – Pay attention to the needs of others and yourself

What does the other really want? What do I want? Use the chunk technique for this if necessary .

Tip 6 – Replace desire with joy

Don’t long for anything in the future, but find the joy now by being thoughtful and mindful of the good things around you.

Finally, affirm your ability to be thoughtful and considered

Read the sentence below aloud:

I show the gift of thoughtfulness every day. My behavior is deliberate and thoughtful. I am grateful for these qualities. They keep me present.

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