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How to be more patient: 12 tips to master patience

How to be more patient: 12 tips to master patience

How can I develop more patience? In this article you will learn the virtue of having more patience in life. Use these tips, sayings and wisdom to practice more patience in your life. Read on and read the best tips to master patience…

How to be more patient? Let’s directly jump to the useful and practical patience tips…

Tip 1 – Do you feel impatient? Slowly count to 10

When you feel impatience, just count slowly from 1 to 10. What this does to you differs from person to person and from time to time. That’s why it’s best to just try it out the next time it happens. Maybe it suddenly makes you feel satisfaction and patience!

Tip 2 – Do things slowly more often: this is how you train your patience!

When you practice something, it gets easier! Likewise with patience. You can just practice it in the most special ways. For example, take a walk with a toddler while maintaining his pace, or always stand in the longest line when you are shopping.

Life is a journey, not a race.
– proverb

Tip 3 – Accept and tolerate the things you have no control over

Acceptance is a quality that will help you show patience. You surrender, as it were, to what you were impatient for before. You remain calm and tolerant.

Tip 4 – Do you want to have more patience? Develop proactive, flexible behavior

become patient

This is the other puzzle piece of acceptance (the previous tip). Namely: if you do have control over something, take it! This is what proactive people do. This way you are always in the right place: if you can do something about it, do something about it. If you can’t help it, accept it.

Tip 5 – Have the end result in mind: have a goal

Having a purpose is good for so many things! Likewise for patience. You know what you are doing it for. You do whatever it takes, and you accept whatever it takes to get to that end result. You are willing to set a goal because you know it is completely worth your effort.

Tip 6 – Trust that everything will work out in the end: have faith in the future

You now do what you can and you wait patiently and confidently for the results. It really is: everything will work out in the end, but it does take a little trust (in combination with action) …

Tip 7 – Don’t just focus on the future: enjoy the here and now


You are doing something now so that something good can happen later.

Moreover, thanks to enjoying the here and now , you will never have to wait again. Even if you are waiting in line somewhere or if you are waiting for the delayed public transport!

Tip 8 – Did you know that some things take time?

It takes time for a flower to sprout or for a tree to form from the seed you have planted. Can your wishes be fulfilled immediately? Don’t get frustrated if you can’t immediately reap the benefits.

Be willing to wait for your wishes to be fulfilled.

Something becomes worthwhile when it takes a certain amount of time.

Tip 9 – Soften things with a sense of humor

Learning and using humor  ensures that you immediately stop being impatient.

Tip 10 – Stay loving when other people make mistakes

Save the love when someone makes a mistake. In fact, that mistake has been very valuable. Love it and all impatience disappears instantly.

Patience brings acceptance. She calls on you to be quiet and listen carefully. Patience calms your soul.

Tip 11 – Take a deep breath

This is the smallest, simplest thing you can do. Give it a try. For example, use this breathing exercise.

If you feel impatience, return to the anchor of your breath.

Tip 12 – Is something not working yet? Keep doing your best again and again

Even when the going gets tough or tedious, keep trying until you succeed. Even if you don’t end up being rewarded for all your efforts.

Good luck developing more patience!

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