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Communicate tactfully: how? [Tact meaning & tips!]

Communicate tactfully: how? [Tact meaning & tips!]

What is the meaning of tact? How can you be tactful? In this article you will learn how to develop this quality. Read on to learn all about communicating tactfully.

Tip 1 – Tactful people tell the truth without hurting the other person

You present the truth in such a way that others cannot be disturbed by it. You don’t hurt others. You say what you have in mind, but in a way that makes it easy for other people to accept your message.

Bring the truth in a loving, kind way. If you can do this, then you can say almost anything and the other party is glad you said it!

Tip 2 – Use the step-by-step plan to give tactful feedback

Use the step-by-step plan to provide correct feedback . Simply follow the steps and you are already very tactful.

Tip 3 – Some things are better left unsaid…

You know what to say and what not to say. Your intention is to help the other, not to hurt the other. This is especially important if you yourself are angry or upset. Then it is very insidious and easy to say the wrong things.

When asked what you think of something, spare the other person’s feelings because you know how great the influence your words can have on another person. An encouraging word is often even a better idea, because it can fill the other person with confidence.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just shut up.

Tip 4 – Think before you say anything: count to three

communicate fully

Think before you say anything so you can decide what is wise to say. That way you also know when to keep quiet for a while. This is especially important when you feel a strong emotion such as anger. The book ‘Our Infallible Thinking’ by Daniel Kahneman explains this well.

Tip 5 – Be careful with the feelings of others (so that they don’t have to be ashamed)

Don’t point the finger at other people, but consider how that would make them feel. Treat other people’s feelings as carefully as you would like to be treated yourself.

Tip 6 – Think about discretion

In every situation, consider whether it is useful for others to hear. For example, you cannot embarrass anyone in the presence of other people.

Tip 7 – Do not satisfy your ego, but make others feel good

Never outshine the master.  Don’t show your talents too much to flatter your ego – to raise the image of yourself. Make the master – the person ranked above you – seem more brilliant than they are. For example in terms of skills, intelligence, sharpness and charm. It is therefore tactful if you sometimes adopt a ‘naive’ attitude so that the other person can show his / her expertise. Above all, credit the other person – not yourself.

Why is tactful communication so important?

By communicating tactfully, you create a feeling for the other. Nor is there any point in painfully exposing the truth, because it makes other people defensive and hurts their feelings.

Finally, use this affirmation for tactful communication

I am tactful. I think before speaking if it has the potential to hurt someone. I consider other people’s feelings by kindly and lovingly telling the truth. This sweeten my relationships. I am grateful for this.

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Good luck with developing your tactful communication!

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