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Reflection Exercise – The Hand (five-finger reflection)

Reflection Exercise – The Hand (five-finger reflection)

In this article you will find an exercise for reflection: The Hand, or the five fingers. In this exercise, you raise each finger of your hand one by one. Start the exercise with the words below and complete them by raising your fingers and doing the corresponding command…

The precise steps of the reflection: ‘Five fingers’ (also suitable for introducing yourself)

You start by saying the starting sentence:

  • “Name a moment when you…”
  • “Then, at that particular moment I thought…”

Now complete the question with the following ‘fingers’ and immediately answer the question:


  • Now I am rolling on the floor laughing.
  • I love that.
  • I am proud of that.
  • I’m good at that.

Index finger

  • This is what I do it for!
  • I would like to achieve that!
  • It should go that direction!
  • Where are you going?

Middle finger

  • Which made you think: fuck this.
  • I hate that, I hate it, I don’t like it, I think that is bad …

Ring finger

  • I feel surrounded, supported.
  • I want to stay true to that, it must be maintained.
  • Tell about a person you care about deeply.


  • I feel small, I want to go home.
  • I find that difficult.
  • I don’t know much about that.
  • I want to grow in that.

Whole hand

  • What do you have to give?

Other whole hand

  • What do you have to receive?

Was the five-finger reflection a success? More methods and step-by-step plans …

Did you like this exercise to reflect and to introduce yourself by your hand? If you want more of these types of methods and step-by-step plans, go to the reflection article to learn even more reflection methods !

To your success!

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