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Journaling: How-To, Examples & & Format [Learn Journaling] [Easy!]

Journaling: How-To, Examples & & Format [Learn Journaling] [Easy!]

Do you want to learn to write in a diary and do you wonder what kind of things you can write in it? Whether you do it in a paper booklet, digitally or online, here you will find all sample questions for positive and creative topics that you can use in your journal. Read along and find all about journaling

Do you want to keep a journal/diary? This is how…

A diary isn’t just for kids. Adults also keep diaries. This brings huge benefits, such as being able to set an intention , reflect and at the end of the year you can look back on all the cool things you have experienced.

Journal writing example: answer these questions …

You can make it as creative as you like with all kinds of ideas to write about, but the questions below serve as a helpful example. Make sure you give at least three answers per point. And another good tip: don’t just write things down, say them out loud too.

Journaling questions for the morning session

  • “I’m grateful for …” Write and say thank you out loud: to yourself, friends, the universe, everyone! So feel gratitude : when the universe feels valued, it wants to do more for you. Every morning, make a list of the little things you are grateful for in your journal. In doing so, you collect evidence for the law of attraction and give thanks and acknowledge the creative power of the universe.
  • “What would make today great? Why is this a wonderful day? What would I like to achieve today?” What do you want to be the highlight of your day? It could be something you find important, meaningful, or joyful. Write down your  intention  for the day to begin. For example, this could be the values you want to pursue or it could be something specific that you would like to experience this day.
  • What is my most urgent, absolutely necessary activity today? What is going to bring me the most joy or satisfaction?
  • “Why do I want to achieve those things today? How am I going to feel when those things happen?”
  • Daily affirmations : “I am …”
  • Write down what you need help for, such as from angels . The more you ask, the more you get! For example, “These are five things I need to feel {balance} today … I need help with …, …., …, … and …
  • Ask yourself the wonder question, also referred to as the “pretend question” : “If I were the best in the world at what I do, how would I behave today?” You don’t necessarily have to write this question down , but you can see it for yourself.

Journaling questions for the evening session at the end of the day

  • Name 3 great things that happened today. What cool things happened today?
  • Who should be forgiven? Forgive these people.
  • Did I get past my ego today? In other words: Have I connected with others? Have I let my soul guide me? Have I made room for wisdom? Did I listen carefully? Did I give good love today?
  • Have you asked the angels for help this day? Then write down all the presents that you have received from the joy angels , for example . In what ways have you received help?
  • Have you been guided by your intuition or the law of attraction ? Then write down the evidence: write down your intuitions from that day.
  • How could I have made even better today?
  • Why did I spend my time today the way I did? What should I not or should I have done?
  • In what way (s) have I been a giver today?
  • What have I learned today?
  • What can I improve on myself? In other words: what went well, what could be improved and how am I going to do it differently next time?

More journaling questions and one more example

Let’s see what else we can do with journaling…

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Extra reflection questions at the end of the day

You can always look up more reflection questions for your diary session in this article about reflection.  Sometimes pick up some extra questions for a new perspective during your diary session.

Record intuitive experiences at the end of the day

Some people also find it helpful to keep a journal of special intuitive experiences, such as:

5 Minute Journal

You can also use the ‘5 Minute Journal’. This serves as an excellent example for your diary and it is becoming increasingly popular.

Now put this into practice with your diary

Apply the tips of this article for the next few weeks, months and / or years. By the way, I like it if you email me your progress. It is an eternal shame not to journal your experiences. I am curious how big your development will be!

To your success!

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