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Wheel Of Life Exercise: Explanation & Examples [Coaching & Analyzing Tool]

Wheel Of Life Exercise: Explanation & Examples [Coaching & Analyzing Tool]

What is the Wheel of Life excercise? What can you do with it and what are the concrete steps you can take to get started with this model? Read on for the explanation…

What is the Wheel of Life?

The origins of the wheel of life can be traced back to ancient spiritual traditions, but today it has been given a modern twist. The wheel of life allows you to judge yourself in your most important areas of life . You can then see if your life is in balance. You do this by giving a number to all your areas of life and then drawing those numbers in the wheel.

How do you do that step by step? Filling in the wheel of life?

Let’s look at the instructions …

Step 1: Write down scores (1-10) for your current situation

View the model of the wheel of life. On the wheel of life, you can find the different areas of life. Then be honest about your own life and rate on the scale of 1 to 10 for each area of ​​life. First, just do that on paper:

  • Spiritual and Meaning (Mission) (Social contribution) – Grade:
  • Financial – Rating:
  • Career, work – Grade:
  • Relaxation and pleasure – Rating:
  • Family and Friends – Rating:
  • Love and Romance – Rating:
  • Personal growth – Grade:
  • Having enough time, a good organization and a good planning – Grade:
  • Dealing with emotions – Grade:
  • Health and Vitality – Rating:

Step 2: Also give figures for the desired situation

Create an extra column and always put a number per life area as you would like it.

  • Spiritual and Meaning (Mission) (Social contribution) – Desired grade:
  • Financial – Desired figure:
  • Career, work – Desired grade:
  • Relaxation and pleasure – Desired rating:
  • Family and Friends – Desired rating:
  • Love and Romance – Desired rating:
  • Personal growth – Desired rating:
  • Having enough time, a good layout and a good planning – Desired grade:
  • Dealing with emotions – Desired grade:
  • Health and Vitality – Desired rating:

Step 3: Fill in and draw the Life Wheel

wheel of life example

Draw the wheel of life so that it represents your current situation, for example as shown in the image of this article.

Step 4: Brainstorm how to get it more balanced

When you look at your wheel of life, in what ways is it out of balance ? Can you ride smoothly with such a wheel or do you want it more balanced? Do you actually pursue a culture of six and do you want to break through that ? It is nice to discuss this with others as well.

Step 5: Execution & reflection

After you have decided to straighten out one or more areas of life, it is time to actually do that. Give yourself clear tasks ( aka goals ) to do this and then reflect on your efforts.

There are several models that provide a hierarchy to the Wheel of Life

There are a number of models, such as Maslow’s Pyramid, the Pyramid of Spheres of Life or the Pyramid of Life, which imply that one area of ​​life is more important than another area of ​​life, because they create a hierarchy.

You would then get roughly the following hierarchy in the wheel of life.

  1. Spiritual and Meaning (Mission) (Social contribution)
  2. Relaxation and fun
  3. Personal growth
  4. Financial
  5. Career, work
  6. Family and friends
  7. Love and Romance
  8. Having enough time, a good layout and good planning
  9. Dealing with emotions
  10. Health and Vitality

To your success!

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