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How To Get Out Of Bed Early [7 Proven Early Riser Tips]

How To Get Out Of Bed Early [7 Proven Early Riser Tips]

Do you want to be an early riser? Getting up early, for example for school or work, is healthy. But how can you do it? In this article you will find the really effective tips for getting up early. Read more…

Tip 1 – Allow yourself to use ‘tricks’ to get up early

It is not a sign of weakness if you do not manage to get up early on your own. In fact, it’s a sign of intelligence if you use tricks – like moving your alarm clock to the other side of the room – to wake up better. After a while, it becomes easy for you to get up early on your own. At the beginning it is okay to use tricks.

Tip 2 – Move your alarm clock to the other side of the room

Now you have to get up to turn off the alarm. The most difficult step has already been taken! Now you just need to have a little extra discipline to walk to the bathroom, instead of back to your bed.

Tip 3 – Count to three and … Jump out of bed!

to get up early

Jump with enthusiasm. Then you have had that immediately. Greet the day with open arms. You live!

Tip 4 – Treat yourself to a fantastic morning: have something to look forward to

If you see the morning hours as a gift to yourself, you can’t wait to get up. You can do whatever you want during these hours. Do you want to meditate, write, enjoy fruit and vegetables, work on your business? It can be done before the normal day starts. Keep your phone off and enjoy!

Tip 5 – Take into account a number of weeks to get used to it

The first ten days in particular can often be the most difficult. Hold on until the 30th day, because then the habit is well established and it only becomes fun and simple.

Tip 6 – Get up early? Follow the example of ‘The 5 AM Miracle’

With his podcast, and now with his book, Jeff Sanders has developed The 5 AM Miracle to show  countless people around the world what miracles happen in your life when you wake up early. Life then becomes more fun, healthier and more productive.

Tip 7 – Use a dawn simulator, or wake up light

A dawn simulator is effective as an extra aid to wake up early. The undisputed number 1 is that of Philips because they have really worked on it in a research department. So it has been clinically shown to work.

There are also cheaper wake up lights available from other brands. For a few bucks you can simulate the sunrise in your bedroom and thus wake up naturally – nice and early.

Why would you get up early? The advantages…

to get up early

Why get out of bed early instead of turning yourself over again in your warm bed? Getting up early has major advantages. Here are 6 benefits of getting up consistently early:

Advantage 1: You have an extra quiet moment in your day

The morning rest is something special. In the morning it is still quiet, at home but also on the street. No cars tearing past, people ringing and crowds of schoolchildren. How nice to be awake then! Listen to the silence for example. And if you go out early in the morning, enjoy the dusk, the sky and the rising sun.

Advantage 2: You have time to have a relaxed breakfast

Your body needs the important nutrients – especially a lot of fats – in the morning to stay focused and energized for the rest of the day. If you get up early, you can prepare breakfast in peace. You can put fruit and vegetables in the blender in peace and fry a fat egg in butter!

Advantage 3: Waking up early has a positive impact on your mental health

It has been researched that morning people often have a more positive, satisfied and optimistic attitude towards life. You can get all kinds of things done in the morning, which will put you in a good mood.

Advantage 4: You can work productively in the morning

Research tells us that our brains function at their best when they are put to work in the early hours.

Advantage 5: Waking up early improves your sleep quality

If you get up early, you also go to bed early. And that’s a big advantage: all the hours you sleep before 00:00 count double. The internal clock will also work better. This makes falling asleep and waking up easier because of the feeling your biological clock gives you.

Good luck!

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