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Morning Routine: Best Steps For A Perfect Morning Ritual

Morning Routine: Best Steps For A Perfect Morning Ritual

In this blog article you will find the very best step-by-step plan and tips for the best morning routine. If you do all these things, you will have a perfect morning and automatically a perfect life! The most successful people in the world adhere to this routine. Read along!

Contents of this page:

Routine Part 1 – Make your bed immediately (5:00)

A good morning routine starts with making your bed. Not necessarily because it is useful, but because you immediately get the good feeling.

Routine Part 2 – Drink half a liter of water immediately (5:02)

After you wake up, drink half a liter of water.

Routine Part 3 – Do 5 to 10 reps of any fitness exercise (5:05)

Do 5 to 10 reps of an exercise. This is not a workout. They only help you prepare for the right frame of mind. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do. Take for example simple pushups or one of the many variation requirements. Then do a few short stretches. Then get in the shower within 60 seconds!

Routine Part 4 – Shower hot, then cold at the end (5:07)

best morning routine tips

This immediately gives you the feeling of perseverance. In addition, it has numerous health benefits.

Routine Part 5 – Groom Yourself And Think About Brushing Your Teeth and Tongue (5:15)

Do whatever it takes to look good, including brushing your teeth and tongue.

Routine Part 6 – Do Tony Robbins’ Priming Exercise (5:30)

Watch how this exercise works in the video below. There are several powerful elements in this exercise, such as visualizing goals, meditating and getting into your body. Make sure you do all three phases: breathe, be grateful and visualize your goal.

  1. Thirty times intense breathing . With a straight back and closed eyes. As you inhale, your arms rise, and as you exhale, your arms descend explosively. Your breathing makes a clear sound!
  2. Then silence. With eyes closed. Only feel what you feel now. You may feel happiness for no reason. Well, the reason could be that you want it.
  3. You repeat steps 1 and 2 twice. So in total you do the first two steps three times.
  4. Put your hand on your heart. Feel the power of your heart and breathe to it. Feel grateful for your heart. And … what are you grateful for that your heart has led you to be able to give your gift? What in your life do you feel grateful for? Think of three moments in your life, including all the “coincidences” that have happened to you. The beautiful things that have been brought to you by life, even the problems, which opened new doors like a hidden gift.
  5. Now think of three things you want to achieve: your goals . How does it feel when you’ve already achieved it?
  6. Make a sound and movement of joy, passion, energy and passion! Bring this energy to your heart. You’re the one who does everything.

There are also two alternatives to the above priming exercise. The first alternative is to just sit still for 5 minutes without doing anything. It’s actually quite simple. If a day has 24 hours, then you can do nothing for 5 minutes. Just sit and watch the show (the show of your thoughts). 5 minutes is enough, but … The second alternative is: test for 100 days what happens if you do this every morning for 2 hours … (In that case, you also get up 2 hours earlier. Many top entrepreneurs are already standing up at 3:00 am!)

Routine Item 7 – Look at the Goals of the Day (5:35)

When was this day successful? What do you want to have done today?

Routine Item 8 – Write in Your (Gratitude) Journal (5:40)

Simply use the ‘5 Minute Journal’. There is a template in it and when you use it, you are busy with gratitude every day. This greatly enriches your life. The diary is designed so that you use it in the morning and in the evening.

Routine Part 9 – Eat Your Frog (5:45)

Do the most important task of the day now. Note: the rest of the family is still not awake at this time!

Routine Part 10 – Now the Rest of the World Wakes Up: They May Get Your Attention and Have Breakfast With You (6:45)

It is almost 7:00 am. Only now can other people draw your attention, such as your children who want breakfast or colleagues who have questions.

Routine Item 11 – Dance with Your Family (7:00)

Put on cheerful music and dance with your family in the living room or at the breakfast table!

Routine Part 12 – Make a Detox Smoothie for Your Family and Yourself (7:10)

Preferably with all kinds of vegetables. Choose the right recipes, buy an easy-to-clean blender and enjoy! If you make this after breakfast, give it for lunch.

Routine Part 13 – Go to the gym for strength training, cardio and / or Yin-Yoga (7:30)

best morning routine tips

The gym is now opening. So now you can use it!

From this point in the morning routine, you have the choice …

If you have to be there for work at 9:00 AM , your morning routine ends here. Are you an entrepreneur and you can choose your own times, then continue until 10:30!

Routine Part 14 – End your workout with back support exercises (9:00)

It is important that you take care of your back and do not develop a crooked back.

Routine Part 15 – Play your favorite musical instrument or other hobby for an hour (9:20)

Pick a hobby and spend an hour on it now.

Routine Part 16 – Read a paragraph in poetry / novel / book (10:20)

Just one paragraph. Choose a novel , spiritual book or poetry.

Routine Part 17 – Continue for the rest of your day

best morning routine tips

Now is the time to do what you have to do this day!

Routine Item 18 – Go to bed at 9:00 PM

The hours you sleep before 00:00 count double!

This morning routine only works if you get up early and go to bed early

You may ask, “Isn’t this too much?” It certainly is if you go to bed very late. The special thing is that it is very easy to do if you go to bed on time. If you get up at 5:00, you can get a lot done!

Isn’t this a lot? Not thanks to the power of routine / habit!

Isn’t this a gigantic morning ritual? Isn’t it too much? Not if you get up early. Then you have – really – all the time in the world. The hours you sleep before midnight also count double. Enough time!

Plus, the whole point of this morning routine is that it’s a lot, because you’re piggybacking on the power of habit. When you are in a routine, you not only get a lot more done, it also suddenly gets easier! That’s the power of routine: the power of habit!

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