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Change Personal History & Reimprinting: Gift To Your Younger Self

Change Personal History & Reimprinting: Gift To Your Younger Self

Some repetitive patterns have been generalized from your past and are no longer useful. With the NLP technique Change Personal History you can remove the influence of events in the past. For example, those of uncomfortable or traumatic experiences. They are of course still there, but the emotional charge disappears after using this technique…

What do you use Change Personal History for and is it not a falsification of your past?

Change Personal History is excellent to use for repetitive restrictive patterns that are generalized (conditioned) from your past: restrictive feelings / states that sometimes get in your way.

We are going to take out the no longer useful conditioning and give new meaning to experiences. It is not a fake because you only change the meaning of an experience . Moreover, you have been faking your whole life (by generalizing useless conditioning to the future), but in a negative way …

We take away the blockage, obstacle or mask in the here and now. Now there is a choice. The old pattern is a thing of the past and is no longer necessary in a completely new situation. In the here-and-now completely new situations arise. There is no longer any reason to generalize the past. In addition, we don’t blame anyone: we forgive. The other people involved had a positive intention.

It’s never too late for a happy childhood.

The Steps of Change Personal History

  1. Elicit the obstructive generalized feeling in the here and now. You do this by, first dissociated and then associated, to bring to mind a recent situation in which you experienced the limiting feeling. So you first look at yourself from a distance, and then you step into the image. The coach can now calibrate.
  2. Anchor that feeling and test the anchor. We will soon be able to use this anchor to look for several similar events in the past.
  3. So now we’re going to look for some similar events further in the past until we get to the very first. Vividly and clearly recall important memories from your childhood. The method you use can be different. Some prefer to use a timeline in the space that you can walk over, others use a visualization of a photo book that can be scrolled through. In this step we will use the example of a photo book.
    ‘When have you all experienced {hindering feeling} before? Imagine you have a photo book in front of you. It is a photo book of your personal past. It contains all photos of similar situations. We are going to browse through that, leafing through the past. Find some similar situations with the same, similar unwanted feeling. Notice what the photo looks like, and give it a word (if you do this on a timeline, you can write the word on a piece of paper and put it down at the corresponding time on the timeline) so you can quickly return to it later . During this search process, use the anchor from step 2 as the search anchor.
    Note: Do you choose to walk along a timeline instead of the photo album? You can then choose not to, but walk  next to the timeline while searching so that you are not running associated in traumatic experiences.
  4. So eventually find a memory close to your birth. Your very first memory in which the unwanted feeling played a role. You also let a word come up for this.
  5. Thank your subconscious and open your eyes. Come back to the here and now. If you use a timeline in space, you go to a meta position, outside the timeline, which is even a bit further in the past in relation to the timeline, in safety (calibrate this).
  6. Optional design step from Time Line Therapy : from the meta position or from the safe part that is further along in the history of the timeline, you notice what the lessons are from this situation, and you keep the lessons.
  7. Optional design step: From the meta-position or from the safe part that is further down in the history of the timeline, ask this question: ‘What effect has this first event had on your life so far? What have you learned from this experience? What positive intention did this experience have?
  8. From the meta position or from the safe part that is further along in the history of the timeline, you ask this question: ‘Look with the eyes of today. What is a empowering state / gift / resource that could have helped your younger self? In that situation, what did the young you need for more choice options? ‘ You are going to give her a present because as a grown woman you know how to get {matching resource you want} but your 4 year old I don’t know how.
  9. Get this resource by thinking of a situation where you had this. Associate in this. For this you can optionally go through your timeline to the past, to a specific moment when you showed the resource. Strengthen this resource, for example by strengthening  submodalities.
  10. Turn this feeling into a beautifully packaged gift, in the form of an anchor that you will soon give the younger self.
  11. Have you made an anchor from the resource? Fire the anchor so that you feel that resource now. Then travel with that resource to 10 minutes before the first event. Freeze the image. Step into the representation. Look at the young person himself before experiencing the situation. After first watching, you walk towards him, you give him the anchor with the power-giving source as a gift, you see how he accepts the gift and feel that all that {state} flows to him (this can possibly be done by means of a collapsing anchor by also firing the anchor from step 2). And he gets a smile on her face, he is happy with your present. See how he takes it all in. If necessary, give him encouragement. And she turns back and sees her going through the same memory (fire corresponding anchor),
  12. Step out of the representation and from the third perception position, see what is changing in the younger self. Now see how he is going to experience the situation with the resource. Everything is different now as he carries this resource. How is she doing?
  13. Repeat the previous step, but associated as your younger self. So you look from the eyes of your younger self. Receive the gift from the elder herself, and feel the integration of the gift. Feel how your entire body is filled with this state, in every cell and fiber of your body. Experience the event now associated as the younger self.
  14. Continue to the next situation which is a bit further in the future on the timeline. Notice how different the situation is. Do this with all situations up to and including the now. And on to the future. Use suggestive assumptions : “Notice how your timeline is already changing. Imagine how this new resource transforms your future. What you believe … the conclusions you draw … how you present yourself … how you give yourself to the world … how you step into different situations and different relationships and see yourself … seeing the results of this change … who sprinkle themselves over your future. ‘
  15. Take your version of the future from the timeline, at the level of the future, and have the conversations that are allowed to be held. Put it back in the timeline and orient yourself to the now.
  16. Integrate in the now.
  17. Run a future pace .
  18. Is the outcome of the future pace not desired yet? Then flood the entire timeline with all the sources mentioned.

Change Personal History can also be used for concrete behavior

For example, if you are going to freestyle with NLP, you can choose to use Change Personal History to make the client forget that he was once a smoker: you erase some history and you change with new behavior. In this way, the client forgets that he ever started certain behavior at all and has continued to do so.

To do this, go back to the first decision moment. For example: for a smoker, the first decision point is when he first made the choice to have a cigarette. Let him relive the representation (memory). When he first makes the decisive choice, stop and let him choose to say no. Continue to apply all steps of Change Personal History.

Change Personal History becomes the Reimprinting technique when you make the following adjustment

An imprint is a belief about how you see yourself or the world. That conviction arose through an imprint experience. There are usually other people involved in that experience.

In reimprinting, you not only add new options to your younger self, but also to the personal histories and resources of those other people who were involved in the imprint experience.

You obviously work with a representation. So you work with the people you keep with you, not with the people who actually walk around the world. It is inner work for yourself.

Do you want to apply the Reimprinting technique? That is exactly the same as Change Personal History, but with an experience from the imprint period (your earliest years of life) and with a few additions.

Before you start designing the gift for your youngster self (step 8), do the following steps:

  1. Identify other people involved in the event. These are often parents, brothers, sisters … Make place anchors for these other people.
  2. Associate in the other (2nd position) and experience the imprint situation from the position of this other person.
  3. Step into the metaposite (3rd position) and identify the positive intent of this other person’s behavior.
  4. Complete steps 2 and 3 for everyone involved in the imprint experience.
  5. Now perform the following steps for each person involved:
  6. From the meta position, determine the resources / options that the other could use well at the time and that you do have at the moment.
  7. On the timeline, visit an experience of yourself where that resource was very strong within you, and anchor the resource to yourself as you reassociate into it.
  8. Give this resource to anyone who needed it.
  9. Get into the 2nd position in front of the other person and receive the resource (associated in the imprint experience).
  10. In the imprint experience, step into the first position (your younger self) and indicate what this has changed in your perception of the situation. This is the beginning of a new wealthy belief. Experience the effect this has on you and how it feels.
  11. Not ready to integrate on the timeline yet? Then ask, “Who needs additional resources?” And install them.

You can find out if it had an effect in the following ways

You can take the following as proof of success:

  • If you can think of the imprint experience as something you’ve learned from.
  • When you associate new feelings with the imprint experience, or new beliefs with a new physiology.

What are your experiences with the Change Personal History? Have you already learned it during an NLP Practitioner Training? Let me know in the comments.

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