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All characteristics of masculine & feminine energy [List: 34 differences]

All characteristics of masculine & feminine energy [List: 34 differences]

What are the characteristics of masculine energy and feminine energy? Here you will find a complete overview with all the properties of male and female energy. Read further…

Masculine and feminine energy has little to do with gender

We do not distinguish between gender here, because on some days, for example, a woman can be firm in her masculine energy and a man in his feminine energy.

So it may very well be that you have men with feminine characteristics and women with masculine characteristics  (masculine woman). So we use the words “him, her, he and she” only linguistically.

A man can buy a house but a woman can make it a home.
– Saying

Masculine energy – All characteristics

Let’s start with all the properties of masculine energy. These properties come from the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ (via Make sure to read that book so you know how to tap into masculine and feminine energy. All masculine traits are listed in the table below.

Masculine energy beholds the feminine – from silence, tranquility and admiration. Quite literally! When a man meets a woman he likes, it is not a good time for the man to put on a ‘smile’ and be ‘social’ in a feminine way, but a good time to get closer, to look at the eyes and to admire and greet authentically and calmly.

Feminine energy – All characteristics

Now let’s see what the properties of feminine energy are. These properties can be found below in the right column.

Communication, for example via Whatspp, has the male goal: to exchange information. For the feminine it has the goal: to have a nice chat. If the feminine doesn’t explicitly ask a question on Whatsapp, the masculine will never answer.

The table with all the characteristics of masculine and feminine energy

Masculine Energy Feminine Energy
The masculine lives in the domain of attention, such as attention focused on information, logic, theory, plans, directing, promises for the future or events. For example, the male ‘hunts’ / arranges the food, cooks and pays the mortgage. The feminine lives in the domain of energy , such as movement, connection, emotions, thoughts, sounds, shapes, nature, feeling, color, touch, embrace and eye contact. The feminine brings things to life. The house really becomes a home thanks to the feminine energy.
The masculine is that part of you that never changes , that perceives that which does change continuously – the feminine. The masculine perceives everything without changing itself. The masculine is the rock (the feminine is the ocean). Your relationship / identification with unchanging consciousness is your relationship with the masculine. Consciousness is  perfection. Perfection is never achieved, as it has been.
The immutable is also expressed determination: a no is a no and a yes is a yes. And it stays that way.
The feminine is identified with everything that changes: your thoughts, your body, the world, your beating heart, emotions, movement, life force, everything you see smells, etc. The feminine is the ocean (and the masculine is the rock).
Making choices, making decisions and being honest and non-apologetic about them. The masculine thing is knowing your direction. The masculine always knows what the direction is and where to go. Achieving a goal with purpose. What must I do or become so that I can die completely? What is your deepest purpose? It is not for nothing that women find men in uniform attractive: uniforms imply that the man is busy. Engaged in that one important mission / direction is masculine energy. Change . Flow. The feminine is everything that changes.
Masculinity takes the feminine on a journey. Lead! Ready. No discussion. The fantasies and bright future of women are explored and fulfilled. You are going on an adventure in a fantastic new world. Something that is possible, but not too specific: the invitation is mainly to dream. The feminine intention is: I am the light . I am love. Take me if you dare. So follow! Surrender and let yourself go completely. But not just … The feminine gives herself to consciousness, not to her partner.
Wants to be trusted in its mission . Am I successful or failing in my mission? Until it lives as its gift. Already died for all nonsense. Already arrived. Striving for nothing. The feminine is in the moment, the now.
The observer (of the light: the feminine). Sit back and watch everything. Sit back and watch (for example, how others dance or watch TV). That part of you that listens. The woman opens the man.
The male partner must express his love for the female. In deeds and / or words. Incorporate her potential resistance in your offering of Love. Continuously bring the love back with your persistence and depth.  What is your deepest desire, your deepest way to give and receive love? The feminine continuously switches between the questions: Do I feel loved? Am I Loved? Am I not loved? How much am I loved? I feel loved. Not anymore. Oh now it does. Or not anymore … Until that question no longer arises because she feels: I am love.
Problems solving and give advice. All this in order to be free in the end. Breaking out of a boundary. Achieve and fight for freedom. Through TV, distraction, sports, war, death of the ego through meditation, emptiness, being free from attachment and seeking financial freedom. With the ultimate goal: to win. To break free. To achieve freedom. And to offer protection. And all of this while he / she is fully prepared to die. Women like to talk about relationships between people and emotions ( drama ). The feminine is involved when it talks about others or itself.
Bringing the conversation to a conclusion . The masculine always tries to summarize everything to the simplest line, to a conclusion, and to bring it to an end. The conversation itself is the goal. The feminine does not want to bring the fullness and intensity of a discussion to an end.
Emptiness, be ready. Shelves and cabinets can be empty. The masculine is itself a container. A quiet, stable container in which the feminine water can move. Let the mind and mind be still. When the male drinks alcohol, it wants to drink just as long to feel total emptiness. Fills a void: full cupboards and shelves, for example. The shelves of the feminine are full of stuff. When a woman moves in with a man, she fills the man’s cupboards and shelves. She does that for the fullness of love. By filling things. By filling closets with beautiful photos of family and friends you love. By taking children, by filling the house with children’s sounds. By filling her belly with a baby. When the female drinks alcohol, she does so to bring more fullness to life, to dance more and to laugh more with friends through alcohol.

The masculine can take the woman into that silence – and admires the life force of the feminine that has finally come to rest. “What if you stop whining and lie down next to me on the couch.” The feminine admires the deep silence of the masculine.
One thing at a time: “Let me get my fruit drink from the fridge, I can’t talk right now.” Multitasking.
Competition : ‘Who can spit the furthest?’ ‘Go!’ Beauty : looking beautiful.
The death . This is accomplished by doing exciting, maybe even dangerous things, and by meditation (for example,  meditating on detachment to be precise). The masculine likes meditation to identify with that which never changes. Therefore, the masculine wants the death sensation: to experience the death of the ego. Life, vitality and nature (mother nature). Your relationship / identification with the world and your body is your relationship with the feminine.
The masculine gives literal messages . Does a woman like a man and ask him to have lunch together, and then the man says no? Then that does not mean that he is taken, nor that he finds you unattractive and not interested. In a masculine world we actually say what we mean. It just means no to that one lunch. The feminine does not communicate things literally , but gives clues . A woman asks, “Honey, do you need something to drink?” Then she doesn’t want to hear a yes or no answer, but she wants to hear, “Honey, do you  need a drink?” And even then she will keep talking about it , instead of actually doing it. The male guides her to action and ensures that the glass of water is regulated. How many men have ever had an angry partner and you said, “But I didn’t do anything!”
Masculine energy is not the type of energy that is full of emotions. The masculine likes to talk about things outside of himself. The feminine is love . The feminine wants to receive and give love. To do that, you have to be in the moment (feminine), instead of pursuing a goal (masculine). This is one of the ways feminine energy works the other way around compared to masculine energy.
The masculine can step out of the now, take a step back and make a rational decision from a dissociated position , based on the bigger picture  . The feminine is a clear reflection for the masculine. For example, women can feel good that a man is not really present and they may also give that feedback – usually implicitly – to the man. The feminine always gets it. There is no escape.

How can the masculine and the feminine honor each other? (Tips for reading on!)

feminine energy characteristics

Now that you know all the characteristics of male and female, you are probably curious what you can do with them.

  • Read the article about how to deal with masculine and feminine energy in a relationship .
  • Also make sure to read the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’.

On your luck!


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  1. Frieda

    Hi, I’ve been on several dates with a gorgeous guy, even kissed and we love to be together. But what I’m a bit worried about is that he has quite a few feminine traits in my eyes. Way of talking, getting up, bending over, even laughing shyly like a woman … big concern is, if I find all of this, do the fit together? As a woman, I feel more like the man in the relationship.

    • Rubin Alaie

      Can be fine Frieda. Your husband controls a broad spectrum. It is very nice that men can also step into their femininity. Then women can, for example, also talk more about their emotions with their husband. And there are even more advantages.