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Blueprint of the male brain: How do men think? [Examples]

Blueprint of the male brain: How do men think? [Examples]

Are you curious about how men think and are you looking for a blueprint of the male brain? In this article you will learn how men are different, how they think, examples ,what the characteristics of the male brain are and how you can learn to respond to them. Read along…

How is the male brain different? Features & examples …

How does the male brain work? The following examples may be stereotypes, but when you put a group of men together somewhere on a square or in a park, sooner or later the following will happen:

  • They have found a hard rock somewhere, they broke it and can throw it now.
  • They compete to see who can pee the furthest.
  • When marathon runners run by, they cheer things up a bit, and sometimes they shout , “Nice butt!”

And what about men you talk to as a woman? Some typical examples:

  • Men don’t get hints. You say, “I’m going to the flea market on my own tomorrow …” The man won’t understand that you want him to ask you out so badly unless you say it 10 more times, tap him, give him a hug and a compliment gives…
  • Men communicate literally. They cannot turn implications into next steps. For example, you are in the car with a man and you say, “I’m thirsty.” For you – as a woman – it is abundantly clear and logical that this means that you have to drink. However, the man will just keep driving without it even occurred to him that he should provide you with a drink as soon as possible.
  • Men can only do one thing at a time. If your husband is getting a glass of beer or orange juice from the fridge, and you are telling him something at the same time, he will say, “Wait a minute, pour my glass.” But more often the man will simply pour the glass without saying anything, not hearing what you just said.
  • Men consider the past and the future , while women most respect their feelings in the here and now. If your husband lied once, he will say, “I’ve never lied in our relationship and today I lied for the first time, so that’s forgivable!” However, you – as a woman – live with your feelings in the here and now. Now you feel cheated, so now you are angry and now you really cannot forgive him. If you lied once when you hadn’t lied before, your husband will not be so angry.

So … how do men think? The above examples already give you a good idea. Are you also curious about more differences between the male brain and the female brain? In this article you will find all the differences.

Is he in love? How can you find out?

blueprint of the male brain review tips

It’s quite simple to tell if a guy has a crush on you:

  • He flirts with you, quite openly and blatantly in fact.
  • He withholds all kinds of things from you.
  • He tries to be interested in you by asking deeply.
  • He asks for your attention.

Is ‘Blueprint of the Male Brain’ easy to understand?

The Blueprint Of The Male Brain can be understood if you put effort into it. Really try to study the following:

  • What men really want and think. You can then respond to that.
  • Dealing with times when men withdraw unexpectedly.
  • Figure out why men don’t want to get serious with you.
  • What confirmation to give to men so that they stay with you.
  • How you immediately stand out and get his attention.
  • One thing you should always do when you meet him.
  • And many more lessons.

Understanding the male brain? Check out this comedian’s now-famous explanation

How do men think? The above explanation is of course intended to be funny – and also quite stigmatizing – but do you recognize some ‘truths’ in it

To your success!

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