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Free Online Tarot Reading [e.g. Future, Love, Deceased, Etc.]

Free Online Tarot Reading [e.g. Future, Love, Deceased, Etc.]

Do you want a free online tarot reading, for example about your future, about love or the deceased? Here you will find the free tool that allows you to do this, including the dynamic multi-card layouts. Have a look further …

How do you do an online tarot reading with the tool below?

A tarot deck is simply a tool to intuitively generate a message for yourself. A lot of creativity is involved, because you see images on the cards. First ask your tarot question, then do the interpretation and finally let your intuition determine the message .

Start here with the best tool for a free online legging

Go to this page to start immediately with a free laying. In any case, put down the tarot pattern of the Celtic Cross. This way you can form a ‘story’ in response to your question. has by far developed the most clear online tarot laying tools. It also provides the clearest and most complete explanation, including the meaning of the symbolism that you find in the cards.

Free tarot leggings love and relationships

Go to this page to immediately make a statement about love, for example a prediction.

Free tarot reading future

If you want to get an intuitive feeling about the past, the present and the future, use this page.

Free tarot reading for the deceased

Use the variant above to receive a message from the deceased.

Test multiple types of card lay

In addition to a simple laying with one card or a standard laying of the Celtic Cross, you can also draw other types of tarot cards via For example, do a …

  • A simple Tarot lay with 1 card or a more extensive three-card lay or one with 7 cards.
  • Laying out for the future, the deceased or love (relationship laying).
  • A yes / no question. Your question will therefore be answered with a negative or positive final judgment.
  • A divination with dice.
  • A tarot oracle with a very special theme that appeals to you.
  • You can do leggings for the major arcana (your life course) or the minor arcana (your daily life).
  • A Lenormand weekly or annual.
  • Star leggings.

On your luck!

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  1. Meredith

    I would like to know who actually is my love. I have that man now. Who is he

    • Rubin Alaie

      Excellent question for your intuition.

      What is your feeling about this?
      What are your vibes about him?
      What is your heart telling you?

      Put your hand on your heart.
      Say out loud, “My intuition says …”
      And fill in the dots.

      A tarot card inspires the answer even more.

  2. daniel

    why I’ve never been lucky in a relationship. I was always cheated and all stayed behind said then got lucky. i have a very hard time dealing with women little experience

    • Rubin Alaie

      A very nice question Daniel. Just writing this here means you’re not ashamed of it, which will quickly improve!

  3. lieve

    what will the future bring me in general thank you

    • Rubin Alaie

      Hi Lieve,

      A lot of fun, excitement and adventure.