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Setting Intentions For Activities/Days [How-To & Examples]

Setting Intentions For Activities/Days [How-To & Examples]

How can you set an intention? For example for your day, a training, an activity or something else? Working from an intention is very helpful for the activity you are going to do next. In this article you will learn how to set an intention.

When do you set an intention?

You set an intention before you do something. This is for example at the beginning of a training session, at the beginning of a training day and / or at the beginning of a specific exercise. It is advised to put an intention in all these occasions.

Intentions guide you in moments of choice.

How do you set an intention?

Answer the following questions and do the following:

  • What brings me here is …
  • My current situation looks like this …
  • With the following intention I enter this training: I hope to achieve the following with this training …
  • In relation to other people, I want to …
  • What I expect is …
  • What I expect to learn is …
  • The values I want to pursue is …
  • You can also draw an inspiration card for your intention.
  • Also make a video of how that intention will play out perfectly. You can do this, for example, with the technique: behavior generator .

If you are in a group, it is also a nice idea to have everyone write his / her intention on a flipchart.

An intention colors and sets everything in motion.
– Hsing Yun

Tip: use inspiration cards

You know what they say: “Smart cards!” Cards are a great tool for setting intentions. Here you will find a whole list of the best inspiration cards.

Tip: put your intention in the present tense

State your intention as if you already have it. For example, say, “I’m open to new discoveries,” instead of “I’m going to be open to new discoveries today.” This has a kind of affirmation effect.

So the next time you draw an inspiration card, don’t set an intention for ‘the course of the day’, but pretend it already is!

After you have set an intention, you let it go

Have you set your intention? Then let it go, so that life can give you everything it wants to give, and so that you will be open to everything. This prevents tunnel vision.

What is an example of an intention?

At one point during a mindfulness training, the following example can be cited by the teacher:

“Maybe your intention for this week is to continue the feeling of the meditation, that wakefulness, as you then get up to walk and go to your next task. Or maybe your intention for this week is more relaxation, pain relief, inner peace …”

To your success!

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