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Mountain Meditation: All Steps & Guidance [Script]

Mountain Meditation: All Steps & Guidance [Script]

With the Mountain Meditation exercise, we become aware of the present moment by consciously adopting an upright and honorable posture, whether we are sitting or standing. In addition, we adopt the mountain’s immutability qualities, which allow us to better control our emotions. Read along for the complete script

The Mountain Meditation: The Mindfulness Exercise Script

  1. It is now as if we are a mountain. A mountain is a natural phenomenon. And no matter how strong the rain, the wind and the dark clouds around the mountain top, the mountain is completely at ease.
  2. So be a mountain. Let your mind be stable. Know that sooner or later all that is in this world will pass away. Allow your eyes to close if possible at this time. If not, feel free to leave them open.
  3. Feel the body. Feel your spine with its natural curves. Feel your head lifted up, as if gently held up with a cord coming from above. Without tension.
  4. Open up to what you are experiencing at this specific moment and ask yourself, “What is my experience at this moment?”
  5. Notice what feelings you have. Turn to it and also open yourself up to uncomfortable feelings or tensions if they are there.
  6. Notice your thoughts when you have them. What thoughts are going through your mind? Become aware of your thoughts and their content.
  7. How does your body feel now? What do you feel in your body? Scan your body to notice any signs of tension or stress.
  8. Gather all your attention now to let it focus on all the feelings you get from breathing. Notice how your body gets a little bigger and a little smaller with each inhalation and exhalation. Just follow your breath as it flows in and out of your body. And use these breaths to anchor yourself firmly in the present moment.
  9. Expand your field of consciousness to around your breath, so that, in addition to the experience of your breath, you also get an experience of your body as a whole. Your posture, your facial expression and how you feel inside.
  10. As you become aware of any feelings of tension or resistance, you can experiment gently by inhaling and exhaling with those feelings. You may be able to take them outside with the exhalations. Feel acceptance: it is the way it is.
  11. And now you are bringing your expanded and more accepting consciousness into the next present moments of your day, whatever the circumstances they may be, as it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The mountain meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Thank yourself for doing the mountain meditation!

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