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Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation Script: Use these exact words!

Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation Script: Use these exact words!

Here you fill find a script with all the steps for the loving kindness meditation, which is also known as ‘metta meditation’. Loving kindness is a Buddhist practice and means saying a prayer/mantra. This can be done out loud or in your heart. Read further…

Why is the loving kindness meditation also a part of mindfulness?

Mindfulness is inseparably linked to love and unity. This also applies to the MBSR programme by Jon Kabat-Zinn. In this Loving Kindness-exercise, also known as ”Metta”, we are going to focus on that love and unity.

Definition of the loving kindness (metta) compassion exercise

Compassion means that we wish good things to other people, and that we have a very caring attitude towards them. You can imagine yourself to be a parent, and you can place yourself in the feeling that a parent has for a young child. That feeling is somewhere in the body. These are not only thoughts, but also emotions and a physical feeling that you get when you approach another person with loving kindness.

Compassion: the willingness to see innocence in everyone.

The steps (script) of the loving kindness meditation

loving kindness meditation

Step 1 – Choose one or more people for this ‘compassion prayer’

You can start by choosing someone you want to feel compassion and loving kindness for. Allow yourself to bring to your attention your own experiences with that feeling of Loving Kindness, that feeling of deep care. Allow yourself to recall someone with whom you immediately have that feeling of Loving Kindness. Notice the images that appear, notice the thoughts and notice what happens to your body.

Step 2 – Now wish beautiful things for this person

Now wish beautiful things for this person. For example:

  • I wish peace for you.
  • I wish that you suffer less.
  • I wish for you that you may know what it is like to be loved.
  • May you receive protection.
  • May you experience happiness.
  • May your forgivingness develop.

Allow yourself to have these thoughts and to address them to one or more people.

Step 3 – Feel the love in yourself

Notice what it does to your body when you have these loving thoughts for other people.

Step 4 – Direct these loving, compassionate thoughts now to yourself as well.

Now allow yourself to direct some of these thoughts to yourself. To do this, use the same wishes you had for others and possibly add a few. You deserve compassion from yourself.

Step 5 – Bring the energy of metta meditation into your daily life

Wish all these good things, in silence, also on the streets to another person who walks by, or during a break for example.

Someone who is able not to hate anyone, who is friendly and compassionate, and who is not at all selfish – such a commited person I love.
– Bhagavad Gita 12: 13-14

The secret of metta meditation: you do not wish it exclusively to someone

The secret is: if you wish to do this only for others and not explicitly for yourself, it will still have an effect on yourself. There is no duality, there is unity.

I know you are me and I am you. So today I pray for you.

If we just do the metta meditation for ourselves, so if we love who we are, then others will also find us approachable and love us for who we are!

More ways for compassion and loving kindness

  • Be friendly.
  • Be forgiving.
  • You have empathy when someone is hurt: it is your heart’s concern. That person then needs someone who can show understanding. By doing so you let the other person know that he/she is not alone.
  • Be helpful and take attentive action. Notice it and take action if people or animals in your immediate surroundings are in need or are sad.
  • Use delightful, friendly words. Wish beautiful things for others and yourself.
  • Listen.
  • Do not judge or criticise.

Good luck with your loving kindness meditation!

These were all the ways and tips for compassion. Feel free to leave a comment.

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