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Difficulty With Persisting In Meditation? Tips To Keep Meditating

Difficulty With Persisting In Meditation? Tips To Keep Meditating

Do you experience difficulty with meditation, while you really want to give it a chance? In this article you will find tips to maintain meditation. Read along…

Tip 1 – Let this come in for a moment: Too busy to meditate? Then meditation actually creates more time

Some people have the desire to meditate every day because they have experienced how effective meditation is! But then they say the following: “It’s so hard to make enough time for that !”

Taking time for yourself is a choice.

The answer to this is: “It is just so difficult not to have time for that!”

I get it. Meditation takes time and we are all busy. It is difficult to justify spending valuable “doing nothing” when there are so many “important” things to do.

But a funny thing happens when we meditate. Life slows down. We tune in to solutions more easily . As if it were weeds, the bullshit is pulled out leaving the essentials. The way forward becomes clear.

So you let meditation be wasted because you are too busy? Then meditation is just the solution . Meditate first, instead of vacuuming, eating, etc.

Meditation is not one of your tasks to add to your to-do list. It is precisely the fuel that allows us to work more effectively with the to-do list. When you’re busy, meditation is more important than ever.

I have so much to do today that I have to meditate for two hours today instead of one hour.
Mahatma Gandhi

If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour a day, then you should meditate for two hours.
– Chinese proverb

This is the beauty of meditation: it generates time! “I have so many things to do today, I have to call so and so …” Then I meditate and realize: I don’t have to call that person at all. None of these people. You focus on the bigger things you really want and everything will be fine, and you know it.

A calm mind will keep the bullshit at bay.

Tip 2 – Having difficulty with meditating? Well then, fust don’t meditate and feel the lack of fuel

not meditate - how to persist

Try it out: compare  whole hours of meditation a day with not meditating all day. Does meditation seem like a waste of time? At first, yes. Doing nothing for hours in a day, isn’t that crazy?

But actually the opposite is true: it’s much crazier to run all day with a fear-based ‘me’!

And in the meantime, with meditation you get a gigantic update of speed, alertness, pleasure, consciousness, creativity, receptivity to miracles, recruitability through miracles, more ideas, being able to see more possibilities, more satisfaction and it clears old beliefs, patterns and stories. on (ego).

Sometimes you move forward by standing still.

Also read 10 scientifically proven effects of meditation here.

Sit and listen … Sit and listen …. And allow new great things to come to you!

Tip 3 – Make meditation non-negotiable, just like eating and brushing your teeth: force discipline 

Meditation is actually like eating. You can’t live without it. Your soul cannot live without it. It’s a habit for me, just like brushing my teeth. I can safely not do it for a day, but then I feel my dirty teeth all day long. Then for the rest of the day I feel like I’m living on autopilot, so my day has no depth.

If you went on a safari, would you go without equipment, supplies and a guide? That is non-negotiable and must be done.

Your meditation may be very short, but non-negotiable. Do it every day, even if it is for a second. Discipline is good. Forcing and struggling hard doesn’t work.

If you have time to feel your shit, complain, be angry, or check social media, then you definitely have time to meditate, write in your journal, list things you are grateful for and yourself to improve.

Tip 4 – Meditation shouldn’t feel like an obligation: don’t be strict with yourself and let go of control

meditation and mindfulness tips

Do not meditate for fifteen minutes without meaning. Don’t commit yourself to meditation. Let go of control and self-criticism. Meditation shouldn’t feel like an obligation.

It just doesn’t make sense if it feels mandatory. If all goes well, you really want nothing more! The feeling that comes from meditation and mindfulness is a sense of absolute joy and connection with everything and with the Divine.

Make it as easy as possible for yourself. If you don’t feel like meditation, don’t do it . Or sit down for one second and mean it, instead of meditating against your will for 15 minutes.

Indeed: possibly delete all that meditation from your life or enjoy your slowed breathing for a few seconds a day, which you follow for a short time … mini-meditations!

Again, there is a difference between being disciplined and making an obligation. You can just use discipline to meditate. Even if it is one second. One conscious second is worth more than a whole week of ‘meditation’ without actually meaning it.

Or choose one thing to do mindfulness in your day. For example wash your hands. No more (and no less, but that’s impossible). You are doing very well because of this!

Think of meditation as chilling. Rest relax.
– Michael Pilarczyk

Tip 5 – Only do ‘mini meditations’ of a few seconds

You already noticed in the previous tip: you can also just do a mini meditation for a few seconds …

  • Take a break
  • Noticing one breath
  • Take a slower breath
  • Just move your body, your shoulders, your toes …

Tip 6 – Make meditation your home, then you really want nothing more than to meditate daily!

what is meditation and types of meditation

When we’re in a bad situation, we think, deep down , everything will be okay. And what happens if you don’t meditate daily? We then turn deep inside’ into a place that we look at but do not actually enter . We just use it to remind ourselves that it’s there when we need it. But we don’t live in it.

What would happen if you made that your home? If you live in it so that chaos doesn’t happen anymore, because you live deep inside , where everything is always okay? Would you meditate for 1 hour a day?

Do you find meditation difficult? It is the easiest in the world. Just do nothing for a few seconds. If you already find delicious, can you extend it for a few minutes or longer. Many people have not understood and found the joy in the spiritual path. They stick to coconut oil, yoga poses and spiritual materialism …

Tip 7 – Keep going, even if it can be challenging at times

Another common reason why it would be difficult to maintain meditation: “I can’t do it because it’s hard.”  That’s why we do it right: to make it easier. Does it get harder? I love that! The only way it can be difficult is if you don’t like it.

Keep going. You will sometimes find the exercises stupid or a waste of your time. Sometimes you will not have time to do exercises. You can also run into yourself.

Mindfulness / meditation is essentially very simple, yet it can be tricky to implement. In that case, hold on until you’ve tested it really well!

Are you doing Mindfulness training? Follow the steps of the curriculum. It is a proven program. Think of it as an experiment and finish the experiment. Only judge at the end what it has brought you.

Have patience. There will be ups and downs. It takes time and a lot of patience. You are basically learning a skill, and it can take a long time, even if an exercise is very short. It is different per person. Give yourself time.

On your luck!

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