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Active Meditation: 8 Exercises [Osho Dynamic Meditation]

Active Meditation: 8 Exercises [Osho Dynamic Meditation]

What is active meditation and what exercises are there? In this article you will find powerful exercises from Osho Dynamic Meditation, among others. With this you can immediately get started with active meditation!

What are examples of dynamic meditation (and what is it)?

Dynamic meditation makes it easier for your body to get into a meditative state. You could see it as ‘preparation’ for actually meditating what you do afterwards. If you want to practice dynamic meditation – or active meditation – you can get inspiration from a number of methods:

  • Transforming breathing, or transforming breathing.
  • Bio-energetics.
  • Osho Dynamic Meditation.

Exercise 1 – Kundalini shake

With the Kundalini shake you shake your body to release the old cells faster. Then you sit in silence and feel gratitude, for example.

Because I do not want to quote more than the right to quote allows, I can only refer to the video below.

Exercise 2 – Osho Dynamic Meditation

Because I don’t want to quote more than the right to quote allows, I can only refer to the above official video and an external source. You can find a more detailed explanation here .

Exercise 3 – Mystic Rose: Laugh, cry, then silence

This ‘dynamic meditation’ consists simply of doing three things over three weeks:

  1. First week: Laugh for 3 hours a day.
  2. Second week: cry 3 hours a day. Do you still find this difficult? Whining can help you get into it.
  3. Third week: sit in silence for 3 hours a day.

You could also process laughing, crying and sitting still in one evening, afternoon or morning.

Why is laughing and crying important? It is the same principle behind The Journey method.  As you fall through the layers of these emotions – the un-crying training and the un-laughed joy – you will reach stillness, Source and the ecstasy and peace of your soul. Your head is completely sidelined in this meditation.

Your body could just tingle because you are clearing the memory of all your old cells. For me personally my face tingled extremely afterwards. As if all the muscles could finally relax.

Exercises 4 to 7 – Transformational breathing

Breathing more fully is important because most people are only at 30% of their breathing capacity and most people take shallow breaths.

The Bhastrika breath:

The Breath of Fire:

Exercise 8 – Bioenergetics

With bioenergetics you actively work with your body. Growling, massaging your cheeks, screaming, leaning back and opening eyes and mouth wide, allowing emotions, etc.

Exercise 9 – The light version: just turn on music and start moving

You can also reduce it to two simple steps. Dance to music and then sit, lie, or stand in silence for a while.

An example of suitable music is: Trellabodin – Eivor. But pop music is also excellent!

Finally, you will find here more Osho meditations. To your success!

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