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Showing Gratitude & Being Grateful: 13 Tips (Apply Immediately!)

Showing Gratitude & Being Grateful: 13 Tips (Apply Immediately!)

How can you be grateful and show gratitude? In this article you will find tips that you can use immediately for more gratitude. Read on quickly and find out all about gratitude.

Why is gratitude so important?

Gratitude is at the heart of true happiness. Indeed! The main reason for gratitude is that it makes you happy.

If you want to completely change your life, test gratitude. It will change your life dramatically.
– Gerald Good

Without gratitude, people would always be negative. People would constantly whine and complain and overlook all the beauty of life.

Gratitude is the way to satisfaction.

Moreover, because you are grateful, you can put things in a better perspective when things go wrong. You don’t lose hope! It’s a way to keep growing when painful things happen. You keep looking at the gifts that are always offered to us. It’s just a bit difficult to see these things sometimes.

Without gratitude, you wouldn’t even be able to learn the lessons from your mistakes.

Tip 1 – Use these three questions every morning

You can use the following three questions every day to feel gratitude.

  1. What are you happy / proud about in your life now?
  2. What aspect of that makes you happy?
  3. How does that make you feel?

So start your morning with gratitude! What’s the first thing you say in the morning? Everyone says something. Is it negative or positive? Is it, “Oh God, another day …” Or is it a thankful thought? Thank the bed for a good night’s sleep. Be grateful for all the good things in your life. Affirm that everything is going well and that you are going to enjoy everything.

Tip 2 – Be grateful to others… In fact: to everyone!

You can feel gratitude for yourself and you can express it to others. Do this as often as possible where applicable. Has someone else made an effort for you? Then make sure that you give direct recognition to this person in an appropriate way.

Applause, too, is a sign of gratitude for others – or even non-living things. Put in a round of applause if you genuinely liked something.

  • For example, a plane landing is sometimes folded by all passengers.
  • In Efteling, The Girl With The Sulfur Sticks and Villa Volta are regularly applauded at the end … while it was all mechanical and no human was involved!
  • For example, thank your bus driver and clap for him when he has delivered a speech.

Thank everyone wherever you go. For example with a hug, applause or compliment.

Tip 3 – Be happy with what you have

What you have is secretly a lot. For example, be grateful for …

  • What you learn
  • Your loved ones
  • Your life
  • Special events

Be open to the abundance around and within you.

Do this especially when you are having a hard time.

Do you have a roof over your head? There are thousands who would kill for my job / life / home …

Tip 4 – Be grateful for the small, seemingly insignificant things

Be grateful for the small, seemingly insignificant things that happen every day. Be open to this. Take a look at the beauty in you and around you!

I don’t really need anything. Give me a sun and a beach and I’ll be happy.

Be thankful for …

  • A flower on the side of the road
  • A starry sky
  • A challenge that you have not yet found an answer to
  • Laughing with a friend
  • Shared sorrow

Don’t take it for granted that you are alive.

Tip 5 – Collect all your gratitude in a diary

Every morning and every evening you can collect the gratitude lessons from this article in a journal . By the way, have you ever heard of the ‘5 minute journal’ ? It contains a template for each day so that you can exercise maximum gratitude with the diary.

Gratitude and forgiveness are a sign of intelligence.

Tip 6 – Feel gratitude in your heart


The place where you can feel gratitude is in your heart. So focus your attention on that area of ​​your body and notice what gratitude feels like!

Tip 7 – Be grateful for the lessons in your life, even if they are disguised as challenges

The lessons you can learn are the true gifts in life. See ‘problems’ as an opportunity to learn. Don’t feel like a victim but be on the cause side (this is a  proactive attitude ).

Gratitude does not mean that you only look at the ‘positive’. It means you celebrate the fullness of life, including the sad emotions. Sometimes it’s sadness, pain, or confusion …

Tip 8 – Learn to receive

You cannot practice gratitude until you have learned to receive. Not only is it a blessing to bestow, it is also a blessing to receive! Everyone should have the opportunity to give, and that is only possible because you receive.

Be open to receiving gifts.

Tip 9 – Be optimistic

Be open to life and be optimistic, instead of letting worry and fear control you. This is a rewarding attitude to life. Make gratitude your attitude to life!

Expect the best!

Tip 10 – Celebrate the present moment


Gratitude is a constant celebration of life.

For all that has been, I say thank you. For everything that comes now, I say YES!
– Goodbye Hammerskjöld

Grateful people work on their dreams, which is relatively important, but they don’t wait to be grateful for their dream to come true. Celebrate the present moment,  which is absolutely important.

You cannot travel to happiness. Happiness cannot be earned, owned, worn out or used up. Happiness is the spiritual experience of every minute of a life full of love, grace and gratitude.
– Denis Waitly

Tip 11 – Don’t compare yourself with others

Instead of comparing yourself to others, appreciate your own skills and don’t be jealous. Everyone is equal.

Tip 12 – Be grateful for no reason

You don’t have to be grateful just after a certain event. Normally we are grateful for things that have happened.

We are, in a sense, conditioned to believe that there must be a reason before we can be grateful.
– Joe Dispenza

In addition, express your gratitude for things that are too often seen as a given. For example, thank the concierge!

Tip 13 – Affirm your gratitude daily

Make this your standard affirmation and statement: “I am grateful!” So just say it as often as you can. You will automatically live by it more and more.

I am grateful to myself.

Apply gratitude? Use these great tools!

Gratitude Daily offers you fantastic tools to put gratitude into practice. You can find more information here.  The items below will also help you on your way:

Closing affirmation for gratitude

Today and every day I am grateful for my gifts and for all the beautiful things that are around me. I celebrate every moment by opening up to the beauty and the lessons around me that I have to learn. I always expect the best.

Good luck exercising gratitude!

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