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Being sober – What does this important quality mean?

Being sober – What does this important quality mean?

What does sobriety mean? What are the characteristics of this quality? What is a person who thinks in a sober way? Read more and find out all characteristics of sober people…

Characteristic 1 – You are objective: you have a strong sense of reality

When you are sober, you are objective and do not let your own subjective experience or the subjective experience of another person drive you crazy. This prevents you from getting off balance quickly. Strikingly: you keep both feet on the ground.

Being sober is the core of wisdom.
– Epicharmus

Characteristic 2 – You don’t let your feelings overwhelm you

Down-to-earth people don’t allow themselves to be overwhelmed by their feelings. However, giving too little attention to your feelings is a trap of sobriety. Of course you cry and laugh, but you don’t let it influence your choices. You don’t get carried away by it.

As a sober person you don’t just go along with every hype.

Characteristic 3 – You are proactive

Put very simply: what does it mean if you are proactive? It means that you don’t worry about the things you can’t change anyway. You stick to the things you can control yourself. Read more about proactive people.

Characteristic 4 – You are detached from problems or success

You don’t just attach yourself to worthless things, because you know that everything will pass anyway. You can enjoy everything, but without losing yourself in it. And especially about the worst things you know that they will pass.

You are also detached from your success. Of course you enjoy your success, and at the same time you know that it is not an end point and that you want to grow. But of course without losing yourself in it.

Characteristic 5 – You can put things into perspective

Down-to-earth people simply put things into perspective, which is very healthy. Read more about putting things into perspective here.

Characteristic 6 – You have a certain ‘meditative rest’

Meditation puts things into perspective. Why? With meditation you look at situations, thoughts and emotions from a distance, so that you are no longer in the middle of the emotions. Suddenly you are sober and clear.

To your success!

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