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The 4 Elements: All Character Traits & Properties

The 4 Elements: All Character Traits & Properties

What is the meaning of the four elements: air, fire, earth and water? What are the character traits and characteristics of these four elements? You can find this theory in this article. Read along…

Characteristics of the element Air

  • Air people give us options. They say, “You know, there is another way, another option.”
  • Air people are teachers.
  • They love information. They always take notes (but never read them. They take them!). Nothing is internalized with air people.
  • They invent new things! Silicon Valley is full of air people. Without them, we were still in the Middle Ages.
  • They help our consciousness develop.
  • They buy all the books but don’t read them.
  • They don’t silence their phones because they don’t want to miss anything.
  • They are messengers: they are going to get the information first and then they are going to give the information.

Characteristics of 4 elements

More keywords for air people:

  • Knowledge.
  • Non judgmental.
  • Flexible.
  • Analysis.
  • Continue to ask questions (and what else?).

Characteristics of the element Fire

  • Fire people do something to make things change.
  • They want Action! ‘Get moving! Just do it! Don’t just sit there! ‘ (That doesn’t go very well with Earth people. They’ll say, “What do you mean …”)
  • They are the catalyst.

4 element properties

More keywords for fire people:

  • Confront.
  • Mirror.
  • Motivating.
  • Inspire.
  • With yourself.

Characteristics of the element Earth

  • Earth people calm us.
  • If you find something exciting, they are always the ones to say, “Sit down.”
  • Grounding is: getting your energy low. Energy is where your attention is.

4 elements of character traits

More keywords for Earth people:

Characteristics of the element Water

  • A water person opens your heart.
  • A water person teaches you compassion and says, “I hear you, I feel your pain, I care about you. How can I help?’
  • They are very sensitive: they feel everything .
  • They mirror you. Their lips even move with you when you talk to them.
  • They don’t say, “Sit down.” But they say, “Sit on my lap, I’m going to comfort you.”
  • They always cry: when they are happy, when they are sad, at music, at movies, at the buffet! They are therefore always ready for others with Kleenex.

Characteristics of 4 elements

More keywords for water people:

These were all the characteristics of the four elements in outline

Have fun recognizing these elements in your daily life with the people you interact with!

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