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How to ground yourself… How do you do that? [16 quick tips]

How to ground yourself… How do you do that? [16 quick tips]

How can you ground yourself? In other words: what is grounding and how can you do this? What are some easy ways to achieve this? In this article, you will find the best grounding exercises and grounding meditations. Read along…

What does it mean to ground yourself and why is it so important?

A grounded person is calm, relaxed and peaceful. He / she does not waste time and energy on worthless emotional responses. A well-founded person is interested in solutions, implements them with vigor and decisiveness and is moreover sure of his / her business. Others are also inspired and soothed by this.

We automatically move towards the person who is grounded. People feel safe around grounded people.

How do I ground myself? All exercises and tips…

Below you will find the exercises, meditations and tips to ground yourself.

Tip 1 – Feel and breathe with your mouth open, become open and eventually become soft…

I am going to invite you to an exercise of freedom. It will get very uncomfortable. It’s about deep breathing  and spontaneous movement. Earth and presence. We go back to our body, which is going to be a challenging journey. It is not your fault that this is challenging: it has been taught to us.

The invitation is as follows: it is a candid, authentic invitation from me. We’re going to bring up feelings , maybe sadness, maybe suppressed joy, maybe anger. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, or if you don’t want to be fully engaged, you also have the option not to do this exercise.

Getting curious about the excercise? Okay, here it goes. The exercise is as follows:

>> Breathe in and out 50 times with your mouth open – completely. I want to hear the sound of the breath. Open your throat completely. There could be a gag reflex, but it doesn’t matter. Open your throat and relax the muscles in your throat.

Here you can read more about bioenergetics and active meditation.

Tip 2 – Feel how the ground carries you

Whenever you feel that you need some soil, just turn your attention to your feet and acknowledge how the earth is carrying you. As a result, you immediately become grounded and it is impossible to be in your head.

Tip 3 – Develop the characteristics of the Earth element

4 elements of character traits

Take a look at the character traits of the earth element and make it a goal to develop them in yourself:

  • Earth people calm us.
  • If you find something exciting, they are always the ones to say, “Sit down.”
  • Grounding is: getting your energy low . Energy is where your attention is.

More keywords for the character of Earth people:

  • Purposefulness.
  • Watch the time.
  • Give homework.
  • Moving forward in steps.

More information about the four elements can be found here.

Tip 5 – Meditate on your solar plexus chakra

Place your hand on your belly button and breathe deeply. This is where your solar plexus chakra is located, which is yellow in color. Feel your power center. feel centered. So activate your power center with ten deep breaths. Pull in your belly button and open your throat too by making the ‘ha’ sound.

This is essential for martial arts to keep your balance and not be overpowered. This is often the first to be learned, for example in Tai Chi. “This is my personal space – thank you – and you shouldn’t break it.”

Also do the yellow chakra visualization as shown in this article.

Tip 6 to 16 – Communicate with the Earth souls (Mother Earth: Gaia)

grounding-and-grounding exercises

Our physical body feeds off the earth. This is how you make contact with the earth souls:

  • Just walk outside. Go out and pay attention to the world around you.
  • Sit on the grass.
  • Run on the grass.
  • Walk barefoot.
  • Work in the garden.
  • Work with flowers.
  • Play in the earth.
  • Feel the soul of a tree.
  • Lie on the grass and feel the earth breathe.
  • Feel regularly how you are supported by the ground: make contact with the ground.
  • Ask for this in your prayer: Emotional healing, healing for stress, removing worries, removing fear, no longer holding onto things mentally but letting them go.

This is how you are working with the earth souls!

Tip 17 – More ways to ground yourself

In addition to the above methods, there are a number of ways to ground yourself

  • Check your gym for classes that achieve this effect, such as Tai Chi and Yoga.
  • Eating grounding foods …
  • Gemstones …

Perhaps more about that later …

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