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Following your heart: how do I listen to my heart? [Easy tips]

Following your heart: how do I listen to my heart? [Easy tips]

How do I listen to my heart? You can find the answer here. In this article you will learn what it means to follow your heart. Here you will find the best tips, the meaning of ‘following your heart’ and beautiful quotes on this matter. Read along…

What will I choose: my heart or my mind?

The answer to this question is 110% that you have to go for your heart . There is no doubt about it. Once your heart tells you something, the best thing you can do is listen to it and do what it says.

The heart is right because it beats.

Yes, follow your heart! I came to this conclusion after only reading one page from  the book ‘The Power of the Heart’ . In this article I quote my favorite bits from this book by Baptist de Pape. Let’s go on to discover what it means to follow your heart …

As soon as you follow your heart, your life will be filled with miracles.
– Paulo Coelho

What is the meaning of ‘following your heart’?

Following your heart means that you are going to do what you really like. You are going to do what you really long for. To put it in other words, following your heart means doing what you love to do . This could be for example:

  • Go for your dream job.
  • Starting that dream business.
  • Making your dream come true.
  • Accomplish your mission.
  • Making a man or woman the most important male / female source of your life.

In your heart you will find the secret of your true identity and your true mission.

Why should you follow your heart?

how do you follow your heart

You should follow your heart because you can never go wrong with it. Something beautiful always grows from the bottom of your heart. In addition, following your heart is the most blissful thing you can do in your life. When something comes from the heart, it brings you to your knees and makes you cry with happiness.

Let yourself be guided silently by that strange power of what you really love.
– Rumi

Your heart is connected to your future. This has been scientifically proven . Your heart knows 3 to 5 seconds in advance which impulse it will receive. The heart is connected with morphogenetic fields throughout your body. We have a connection with that through the heart. If you want a new future for yourself, you have to go to the heart.

Even when we look at the role of the heart in our everyday communication, we notice how prominent it is. When talking about emotions, you put your hand on your heart. When you point to yourself in a conversation, you point not to your head but to your heart. We call someone who is full of warmth and affection warmly. We call cold and unfeeling people heartless.

You will never ever be able to tap your full potential if you do not open your heart. Through your heart you are connected to a higher form of knowledge and intelligence.

Following your heart seems crazy to the outside world (the ego)

To the ego , following the heart and following your feelings seems crazy. The ego requires you to be tight and serious, but tightness and seriousness is only the real disease. It’s actually the other way around. Don’t protect your ego: get it out of the way and stretch. Don’t be afraid to look silly.

What’s the difference between crazy and genius? Results (such as better luck)!

‘Isn’t it scary to follow my heart? Then I am not protected! ‘

follow your heart

Following your heart is the most protective thing you can do. You are divinely protected if you follow your heart and if you show your true self by removing the shields, walls and makers.

Opening your heart is the most protective thing you can do. A fear-based person with his heart closed, and can only attract another who has a closed heart.

If something is scary, it is only scary to the illusion side of yourself (your ego). And your ego, you are not. That is the child you but you have made it your identity. The ‘past you’ is scared. The heart that answers is what you are.

Now if you’re in something that you don’t want to be in, and if you’re ready and if you decide to get out, not only will you be fine, but your life will get better.

Know that you will be fine and that you will be doing the world a great service if you listen to your calling. As soon as you get to the other side, you see that something was waiting for you there. And you realize that is what you have been asking for all your life.

Follow your heart because it’s right.

Do the fear setting writing exercise

heart follow tips

Take a look at what ‘ fear setting ‘ is, do the accompanying exercise and find out what it does to your determination to follow your heart.  What we fear are often the very things we should do right.

Easy Choices, Hard Living.
Difficult choices, easy living.
– Jerzy Gregorek

“What if I don’t start making money if I follow my heart?”

If you follow your heart, things will always be fine financially. The universe is happy to help you with this, because you are in contact with your heart. The answer is invariably: think abundantly . Just ask yourself: how do I give to the whole world? Then income is no problem at all. That will be fine by itself.

You will be able to escape your heart. Therefore, you better listen to what it has to say to you. This takes a lot of courage. And your courage will be rewarded.

What are the super powers of the heart?

heart or mind

Science confirms that your physical heart is the gateway to:

  • A higher form of knowledge.
  • Wisdom
  • Intuition (soul).
  • Inspiration (‘in spirit’).
  • Intention.
  • Insight.
  • All answers.
  • Connection with others.
  • Connection with all other life on earth.
  • The intelligent force that permeates and founds our entire universe: connection with the universe – with God (through the Holy Spirit).
  • Creativity.
  • Love (what we are: the love that transcends our body).
  • A natural tendency to share that love with everyone, and it is not running out. It belongs to everyone.
  • Resilience.
  • Gratitude.
  • Helpfulness.
  • Forgiveness.
  • All other virtues.

Our hearts are a reflection of a larger heart, the heart of the earth.

You will not regret if you follow your heart

your heart or your mind

How often did you think afterwards: if only I had listened to my heart? If you listen to what the purpose of your life is and if you give your dream a chance, you will not regret it. I’m not saying it will be painless and without any setbacks, just that you won’t regret it.

Your heart is that place within you where nothing is impossible.
– Deepak Chopra

How do you follow your heart? Use these 89 + 33 smart tips!

Now that we know the importance of following our hearts, the real work can begin …

The heart is the seat for intuitive consciousness. We must learn to enter our hearts to make use of these resources.

In any case, one of the most powerful ways to feel your heart is to use your feelings. The language of the heart is feelings . So you don’t listen to your head but to what feels good . The heart is therefore the center of your feelings. We instinctively lay our hands on our hearts when we want to express our deepest feelings. So if you want to find and follow your deepest heart desires, listen to your feelings.

The heart is a thousand-string instrument that can only be tuned with love.
– Hafiz

Read the book ‘The Power of the Heart’ (Recommended!)

This book has been of great help to me. Baptist de Pape explains how he chose not to pursue his career as a successful attorney – so he could follow his heart. To this end he interviewed Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho and Eckhart Tolle, among others. You will find the result in one bundle full of knowledge about the heart.

To your success!

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