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All Good Alternative, Independent News Sites [Overview]

All Good Alternative, Independent News Sites [Overview]

What are all the good alternative news sites? It can be very informative and / or entertaining to read alternative news. Look further for the overview …

These news site don’t always have correct information

Pay attention to what I mean by ‘good’. The articles from these sites are often excellently written and often very entertaining. However, this does not mean that it is always correct information. These types of alternative news sites are 50% informative and 50% entertainment (extreme conspiracies). Especially if you read the comments, you can have a nice afternoon.

Best international alternative, independent news sites

Also pay attention to the word ‘independent’ here. This often means that the news was written by a personal, small editorial staff of ‘an ordinary man / woman’, and not by a large media agency. You often see that these news sites are heavily ‘dependent’ on nutritional supplement brands.

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Conspiracy theories nonsense? What do you think?

What do you think of conspiracy theories, which often appear on the alternative news sites? Perhaps they are metaphorically true, and not literally? Or are they not true at all, or perhaps literally true?

Take the conspiracy theories below, for example. What do you think?

  • Is there a handful of people who are knowingly malicious and can wish for anything they want?
  • Are the plot theories about the Breakaway Civilization true, including area 51?
  • Is there any truth in the studies of ufos and the stories surrounding the x-37b aircraft model?
  • Are anti-vaccers being tackled too harshly when they actually have a point?
  • Are we continuously monitored via telephone, webcam, smart TV, smartphone?
  • Are discussions on TV specially designed to create division when there is really nothing going on?
  • Is the middle class deliberately disappearing? Especially after the financial crisis of 2008? Is it really true that more and more people shop at Primark and that everyone used to buy Levi’s jeans by default?
  • Are there aliens in the form of lizards currently on Earth that have taken the form of humans?
  • Will the people eventually be ‘harvested’ and is the world gradually working towards it by taking more and more freedoms and rights?
  • Have the terrorist attacks in Miami, Orlando, France, Turkey or Germany been carefully directed or designed and are the attackers used as puppets?
  • Is 5G internet really that harmful in terms of radiation?
  • Coronavirus = Bioweapon = Depopulation = Aliens = UN = NWO = Agenda 21 = Devil = Zionist Neocons?
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Reading these kind of websites is often more exciting and entertaining than a good novel!

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