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More freedom in your life: 11 tips to create & experience freedom

More freedom in your life: 11 tips to create & experience freedom

In this article we will discover how to get more freedom in our lives. We know that freedom makes us happier. Everyone wants it, but how can you create more freedom in your life? Read on for all the tips …

Tip 1 – Do the work you really want to do

We spend 80,000 hours in our life working. If you spend those 80,000 hours on something you don’t like at all, then I invite you to start thinking now about what the work is that you really enjoy doing. And then go do it! As long as you want it badly enough, it is possible!

Tip 2 – Practice ‘lifestyle design’: the mindset for freedom

What is Lifestyle Design? In short, it means that you should not become rich in terms of money, because that will not make you happy, but that you should acquire wealth in terms of lifestyle: do fun things and create time in your life for a nice lifestyle.

You can read more about it in this article about working smarter. It is also fully explained in the book: ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’. In it, Tim Ferris introduces the concept of Lifestyle Design in the best possible way.

Tip 3 – Don’t worry about money: live in confidence

experience freedom

Do you notice that money sometimes gets in the way of your freedom? That’s not necessary. To a large extent, freedom can be obtained by trusting that you will be well financially. Set goals and trust in your abilities and trust that life is going to offer you opportunities to live adequately financially. This is called: the law of attraction.

What freedom is to me? Eating out and not having to watch how much it costs.
– Jia Ruan

Tip 4 – Detach yourself from the opinion of others and be free

The world is not about you. You are free. There are 7 billion people in the world. Engage in your own mission without being upset by the opinions of others.

The moment you really don’t care what others think of you … Look at what freedom it brings!

Read more about this in the article about self-confidence.

Tip 5 – Don’t feel bound by places, but feel the freedom to leave whenever you want

If you can live in Spain for 40% of the monthly costs you pay here, and if the weather is twice as beautiful, what is stopping you from moving? Even your work shouldn’t be an obstacle. There are plenty of jobs that you can do remotely via a laptop.

Tip 6 – Freedom is making choices based on your intuition / heart

Trust your intuition! And trust that it will always work out.

Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whomever you want, as much as you want.
– Tony Robbins

Tip 7 – Freedom is proactive living… and letting go of things that you cannot control

freedom in your life

Proactive living means taking responsibility, so knowing that in many cases you can do things yourself to change a situation. In addition, you can leave everything you cannot do to the universe. So: for the things that you can do something about, you take action. For the rest you stop whining and start accepting. And accepting that is actually action!

You can make and determine your own rules, then you are free.
– Marco Borsato, The Destination

Freedom does not happen to you. It’s something you can grab yourself. This is a nice challenge, because where is the boundary between getting things done by yourself and letting go of certain other things so that they will work themselves out? Simple: develop the flexibility to be able to influence more and more things, and what you cannot influence, you accept: you trust that things will go well.

Step out of the victim role. Take responsibility for your freedom.

Tip 8 – Acceptance creates freedom

Learn all about acceptance  and especially accept reality. There is a wonderful model for this: the 4 questions from Byron Katie.  When you do this, your resistance stops and your space and freedom start.

Tip 9 – Stop judging: this is the feeling of freedom

Have you ever felt when another person was not judging you, or when you were not judging yourself? That feeling was a feeling of freedom.

What would happen if:

  • You wouldn’t blame anyone for anything anymore?
  • You would no longer blame neutral events?
  • You would let go of the past?
  • You wouldn’t confuse someone’s behavior with who the other is?

All things that promote freedom. Read all about this in the article about not judging.

Tip 10 – Do not identify with limited forms in life, but with consciousness

experience freedom

The ego constantly fools you: ‘I am a lawyer, I am Dutch, I am Hagenees, I am Muslim … What is not correct here is that who you are is complete, unlimited freedom. A profession, nationality or belief is part of your life, and is not who you are. However, if you fall into the illusion of the ego, your freedom will be hugely limited …

Tip 11 – Have your sh*t together

Always keep the spiritual at the center of your life, but make sure you don’t neglect your earthly values. You now live on a physical world and you must therefore also be able to master the material. Make sure you have your finances in order.

Some people have come to live completely as monks, making them bankrupt. Before you throw yourself fully into your spiritual growth, you must have your affairs in order. Better yet, live in moderation and don’t be overly spiritual. Keep the spiritual aspect of your life alive every day!

Who can make this clear in a very subtle way is JP Sears. We recommend his satirical book “How to be ultra spiritual.” 

Good luck creating freedom in your life!

I am sure you will become successful in creating freedom. However, freedom means something different for everyone. So I am curious: what does freedom mean to you?

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