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Loose Cannon: Personality Traits & Why These Are Great People

Loose Cannon: Personality Traits & Why These Are Great People

Everyone has one in his / her group of friends: the loose cannon. In other words: an unguided missile. In this article you will find an ode to this special kind of person. Read more…

Do you recognize the loose cannon in one of your friends or yourself?

Maybe it is that crazy girlfriend who knows no shame and shows up with smeared mascara from the previous busy activity. Still hyper-active and ready for what will happen next.

In some groups of friends, the unguided missile appears in the form of the serial entrepreneur who comes up with a new idea every quarter (and drops the old one) …

We should be happy that they are here. Life would have been a lot less fun without these unguided missiles.

All the (beautiful) features of a loose cannon

  1. The unguided missile has no shame, but a lot of vulnerability, and that is positive! Because shame keeps us from living a (love) full life. The special thing about the unguided missile is that there is always no ‘walk of shame’, no matter what bizarre things happen.
  2. He / she loses everything. Wallet, borrowed items, jacket … It is therefore normal to have a new phone every three months and even a new number.
  3. Are you a loose cannon? Then you are someone who  gives . Just because you have so much love to offer.
  4. You are honest and without prejudice.
  5. You are a true friend, can have deep conversations and provide comfort to people. You are an amazing friend. Not only because something nice always happens to you, but also because you are intelligent and are a good friend in other ways.
  6. You inspire and motivate people.
  7. Your contact list is a delightful chaos: all kinds of almost names without a surname and five Marieke’s …
  8. You know everyone and everyone knows you.
  9. You don’t judge others. Even better: everyone can laugh the loudest with you when stupid mistakes are made.
  10. Memes are made about you and statements quoted by you and they are regularly circulated in app groups.
  11. Something bizarre always happens when you go out.
  12. You are always happy and you can always pick yourself up and put yourself in perspective when things are not going so well.
  13. Whenever something ‘crazy’ is suggested, you can always trust that the unguided missile will just say yes. The answer is always enthusiastic: Yes!
  14. The anecdotes and stories about you are endless.
  15. You give love. With full commitment. Your friends love you.
  16. You are a great optimist. You have become wise through harm and shame and you know that things will be all right.
  17. You speak during a birthday, speak for far too long, there is a bit of embarrassing laughter in the room, but it is still mega entertaining.
  18. You are and organize the party for the party. You make it fun, encourage people to dance, give another speech and make sure all brakes are off before you step out the door.
  19. You are a ball of energy and are never tired or down for long. You have a special joie de vivre that recharges you and lets you go and go and go.

Enjoy life and all the adventures you experience!

On your luck!

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  1. Anonymous

    Recently called this and it hurt. Appreciate the approach taken to identify the positives of the “personality”.