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Why quitting your study is good [The downsides of college]

Why quitting your study is good [The downsides of college]

Are you a student? Are you thinking about not studying anymore? In any case, you are being ripped off right now. How that exactly works? Read this ‘rant’ about quitting your study and the downsides of college …

Do you know what ‘overhead’ means? Overhead is the source of income for your college

To answer the question why it is good to stop studying, we need to understand the word ‘overhead’. So ‘overhead’, what is that?

Overhead: non-productive personnel

Now let’s take the definition from Wikipedia:

Overhead: The  overhead  or fixed costs is the part of a budget that an organization spends on its own organization. It is a measure of the efficiency of an organization. Money that an organization spends on itself does not benefit the goals of this organization.

Okay! And for the sake of completeness, the definition of the dictionary:

The overhead: operating costs that are not directly related to production.

Now that we know what overhead means, you may be wondering, why is overhead my trainer’s source of income? This is how it works: in principle, you can simply study without a college or university. You just need a library subscription, your phone or a computer.

Why do colleges and universities exist? To be able to spend money on overhead…

Still there must be colleges and universities, but why would you go there if you also have access to all the knowledge and tools in the world with an internet connection?

The answer lies in the overhead: you go for tens of thousands of euros in institutional money (and we in the Netherlands are one of the few who only have to pay 2,000 of that tuition fees ourselves) to a study so that complete systems with paperwork, registration procedures and more overhead can run. .

You then learn the same as what you could have learned yourself, but in more difficult office language and itch words.

All your information is online. In fact, every piece of information you ever need.

It is a revenue model , nothing more and nothing less. Social sciences are cheap, you need little material and no expensive laboratories. The university does get the same amount of money for it from the government. Not those 2,000 tuition fees, but 10,000 to 20,000 per year per student from the government.

Why should colleges and universities exist?

hbo bad

Perhaps, over the years, society has managed to convince you that you cannot succeed in life without a degree. And you can achieve that at a university or college. This gives the universities a right to exist. Why do you have to pay for something that you can do for free, and that also includes a load of overhead?

They must exist so that good citizens of society can be produced. There is nothing conspiracy about this, by the way. It’s commonly known. This is called social conditioning: during the 8 years of primary school, 6 years of high school and 4 years of your studies, all kinds of beliefs and values can be programmed into you … that are not exactly aimed at freedom.

It is undeniable. Major recurring lessons are: being quiet, not asking questions, not moving … because otherwise you will soon actually bring a positive, substantial change to the world. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg … All of the people who can actually make a huge difference in the world have realized that they had to get out of college. They knew that essential things were missing in those 18 years of education.

The most essential thing we are not taught in elementary school, high school and university: to be happy.

I almost go so far as to say that universities are creepy, neo-left propaganda institutions, but if you want to study a hard, exact subject, then in the first few weeks you will notice the completely unworldly, completely illogical political discourse of teachers and overheads. colleagues. Is it scary? Somehow. If you show a spark of joie de vivre, freedom or a different opinion, you will be denounced, laughed at and placed out of order.

At higher professional education you can see dictatorship in its ugly face and in all its facets, or you can choose to quit. Fortunately, times are changing dramatically and the younger generation is much better informed and the power of higher professional education or university papers is declining. Already during my studies I saw fellow students – with one year to go – quit to become the most successful salespeople and professionals in the region. The establishment now shit 72 colors of shit for fear of what’s to come. Rightly so…

The ‘student front office’ … Your weekly collision with the bureaucracy

omslacht hbo

The student front office is the place where you can ask for help for, yes, all kinds of overhead matters. Right away, the tone with which they address you gives little hope: it is always in a familiar minor key, as if there is always a problem. And that problem will also come, even if you walked over without a problem.

You have a very simple question. You need a signature or something else small. And while you are walking towards it, you actually have the feeling that your question will not be solved. And yes: ‘Unfortunately, Article 4.12a is paragraph 5, sub b. of the FHW not included. ‘ You must arrange, submit or request this at another overhead committee. You get used to it at some point: you went to the student front office assuming you didn’t have a problem, and they then turn it into a problem.

Good, you will receive the e-mail address Fortunately, you are in the system. You fix it, hand it in and receive another rejection email. Bright spot: still a possibility for a reaction! But it is then again known to all students that this can take about 8 years before I “Article 4.12a paragraph 5, sub b. Of the FHW, of the examination committee FHMM, FEHT, FHB, FHFM, as of September 1, 2014” ( my third year of study).

All your intentions to behave like a good student are now becoming very difficult to live up to.

It is not ‘ordinary overhead’, but pure time and money. Meetings and information about rules, internet portals, competence booklets and more paperwork that does not really have to do with learning commercial economics … This all takes two days. And go through the peripheral issues surrounding your graduation thesis? Two weeks.

Just a word about zombies: we turned into them

study bad

The classroom … When a presentation has to be given, the HBO students are in front of the class. In their first year, they already speak as true policymakers with  beautiful office language and itchy words.  It is impossible to articulate, laugh and look awake at the group, otherwise you are no longer a zombie. And that is not normal (but how low is the standard?). They are held by an invisible force (social conditioning, among other things) so that they cannot express themselves freely.

Let me tell you what I think about school: it’s a waste of time. A bunch of people bumping into each other, a guy in the front saying “2 + 2” and the people in the back saying “4”. Then the bell rings and they give you a carton of milk and a piece of paper that says you are going to the toilet or something. I mean it’s not a place for smart people. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but that’s my two cents on this topic.
– Rick from Rick & Morty

When you walk through the building of a university of applied sciences, you see the average graduate. His creativity was suppressed years ago when his first report on the DESTEP factors in the Netherlands left no room for personal input. There is therefore no sincere smile on his face. All spontaneity has been systematically sucked out. That is the result of having to sit still for years and take everything very seriously, because all those years there was no place for happiness in education.

The studies make too much noise: too many talking professions are created. We have too many talkers and too few hands. Just do it! Don’t talk but brush. You can always turn a hand into a talker. But a talker cannot become a hand anymore. And what do we learn in schools? Talking professions. Talk, talk and fuck.

If you say to all those talkers: ‘Just go on vacation for a month’, the economy will continue to run, but the people with the hands, the people behind the counter … If you say the same to them all, then the whole economy down. And all those consultancies earn a lot more, that difference is too great.

– Henny de Most, well-known entrepreneur

You’re getting scammed … you can stop that by quitting college

hbo scam

Have you graduated yet? Then you have already been able to look the monster in the eye. Do you still study? You may not see it today or tomorrow, but one day you will see it. You go deep into debt to learn things you will never use.

You waste 4 years of your life only to land a lousy job at SMEs as a data analyst. You sometimes have to pay more than 100 euros for a textbook of 7 euros. You are taught the lesson by teachers who have never done what they teach.

Average income over the past 40 years has increased 5x, while study costs have increased 18x. You spend thousands of dollars to be led through a tunnel of complexity, overhead and information to learn things you will never use, just to get a piece of paper.

A mechanical engineer once told me that in his first 30 working days he learned more in his five years in college. What does this tell you about this system? After those 5 years you have nothing – but you are in a lot of debt, while in 5 years you could have invested 10,000 hours in your passion. Is it tennis? To play the piano? Architecture? Become a goalkeeper? Malcolm Gladwell proved that if you spend 10,000 hours on something like this, you will be a millionaire in the end because you will be on top level by then.

Indeed, schools are not necessary for success

You don’t need an education to get the job you really want. The only exceptions are: if you want to become a doctor or a lawyer. Then you must have a university degree.

It takes more than a college degree to make one an educated person.

Most people have their lives wrong and not well thought out. They are simply part of the system. For example, 98% of people have no goal and follow the path that society has mapped out for them.

If your parents are employees, they will likely tell you to join the crowd and work until you are 68. And that every other way of life is a utopia. It is a toxic lesson to learn.

However, there is another way than the way you are told. Perhaps you have parents who are entrepreneurs, then the chances are that you have been given a different attitude to life.

Practical, essential things for life are not taught to you in schools

Even if we take away the ‘how to get happy’ story, there are countless practical life lessons that you will not learn in your entire educational career. It is mandatory that you pay money to take classes on square equations and other things that you will never use, when you could also have learned essential things about marriage or doing your taxes. And again, not to mention how you get happy.

We don’t learn who we are at school, we learn nothing about happiness and nothing about joy.

‘I’m going to stop studying, but now what?’

The answer is business. It really is the entrepreneurs who are changing the world in a positive way.

Today a child from a third world country can have more information than the president … Google was not created by the government, but by entrepreneurs. It was not the government that founded Facebook or Skype.

It has never been easier to retrain yourself, for free via YouTube or Wikipedia, for example. And again: the government did not make these things either.

Or think of clean drinking water all over the world. This too is slowly being achieved by entrepreneurs. Many world problems will be solved in the coming decades thanks to the efforts of smart entrepreneurs.

Afterword: this was a ‘rant’ about quitting college

The main thing is that it is very good to study, if only to be able to experience how it should not be done, so that you can choose to live freely afterwards. Don’t take this argument too seriously and enjoy this rant about studying.

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