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How do you keep your teeth healthy and white? [8 Best Tips]

How do you keep your teeth healthy and white? [8 Best Tips]

How can you ensure healthy teeth, including healthy gums? A healthy mouth is very important, and no one wants bad teeth. Here you will find useful tips for strong, healthy and white teeth.

Tip 1 – Brush twice a day

Maybe you hoped you could get away with once a day (probably in the evening) … Once a day is really not enough. Three times a day is again unnecessary. Brush in the morning and in the evening. The morning is just as important as the evening, even if you haven’t eaten anything in the meantime. Plaque builds up in the night!

By the way, brush at least half an hour after you eat.

Tip 2 – Save your eating moments

Instead of eating 6 to 10 times a day, eat 3 to 5 times a day. Your teeth only have the capacity to cope with 7 eating moments per day. If you go over that, your teeth will be extra ‘attacked’ by the food. Let’s take the example of a bag of candy: rather eat the whole bag at once than spend the day with it.

Tip 3 – After lunch: rinse with fluoride (or a fluoride alternative)

Brushing three times a day is not necessary, but there is extra benefit to be gained after lunch: fluoride rinsing.

If you are afraid of fluoride, there are solutions too. As an alternative to fluoride, you can rinse with oil: ‘oil pulling’. Any oil is suitable, so you can use sunflower oil, for example. You have to keep this up for 10 minutes.

Tip 4 – Floss (a lot can be gained with this)

healthy teeth tips

Even though it seems as if you are not taking anything away with flossing, just making the flossing movement sets the invisible bacteria in motion. This does not give them the opportunity to rest, which prevents them from doing their job. Very important. If you don’t like flossing, get ready-made flossing sticks.

Tip 5 – Pick the lower parts of your teeth

Pick the pieces between your tooth, another tooth and your gums. Ask for help from your dentist.

Tip 6 – Get a lot of these guys …

Always keep a stock of the following items in your bag, at your workplace, at your dining table and by your bed:

  • Raggers (good luck finding raggers that don’t break after two teeth)
  • Toothpicks
  • Floss

In any case, put them next to your bed and use them every day before going to sleep.

Tip 7 – Also scrape your tongue

This is not only good for your breath, it is also beautiful and healthy for your teeth. Brush and scrape your tongue until it is completely pink. Once every two days is enough.

Tip 8 – Convince your dentist to let you come for a check-up as often as possible and let yourself be coached

Discuss with your dentist your progress in developing your new habits to take better care of your teeth. Ask questions and let yourself be coached towards better teeth.

Ask the dentist for advice and make every effort to follow it up


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  1. Ivan

    I really like your dental care tips. Oil pulling also works well with coconut oil, which also tastes better. To be honest, I never floss and my dentist never brings it up. I am well aware that good teeth cannot be taken for granted.