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9 Grooming Tips Men [Looking Good & More Handsome]

9 Grooming Tips Men [Looking Good & More Handsome]

As a man, how can you look well-groomed – and therefore attractive? In other words, how do you become a handsome man? Grooming is important to men, so let’s see how to get this right.

Tip 1 – Do you want to look good? All these things take some effort …

If you want to look good and make a well-groomed impression, it is unacceptable if you do not do the following things:

  • Shower and wash your feet well.
  • Brushing teeth, ragging and flossing. You can also use a toothpick to remove bits of food from between your teeth.
  • Shave or keep your beard in shape.
  • Go to the hairdresser regularly.
  • Dress in nice clothes.
  • Go to the manicure / pedicure, or at least cut and file your nails.
  • Wear jewelry / accessories.
  • Bring deo and neutralize unpleasant smells with baking soda.
  • Bring peppermints.
  • Spread nourishing oil on your skin.
  • Wear an after shave. What is without a doubt the best choice? Always go for Van Gils.

All of these things have one thing in common: they are all things you can do yourself. They are within your reach. This will make you attractive. And yes, you actually have to put in the effort.

Being handsome and attractive… It has nothing to do with how you were born. It has 100% to do with what you make of it yourself. If you are ‘born handsome’ but you make no effort to look well-groomed, then you are much less handsome than someone who is ‘born ugly’ but puts a lot of effort into personal care.

Tip 2 – Have the necessary care aids with you everywhere

Have a load of mints, deodorant and toothpicks everywhere you go. Put them in your pocket as standard.

Tip 3 – Don’t dress like a 12-year-old unless you’re one

men do not dress as children

Dress grown up. For example, do not wear sportswear or t-shirts with ‘funny’ texts. By the way, with sportswear you won’t get anywhere except in the gym! Know how to dress and wear nice shoes, multiple layers, accessories and chic colored chinos.

Be dressed to kill.

Tip 4 – Learn these ways to get attractive

Apply these 18 (and more) ways to become more attractive.

Tip 5 – The golden combo: fitness in combination with an upright posture

Exercise regularly and correct your posture so that you develop good posture with your chest forward. Here you can read how to correct a straight back.

Tip 6 – Get taller

Longer is prettier. And it is simply possible to grow taller. Timberlands make you 3 inches taller!

Tip 7 – Looking better? Always have the basics ready

gilette men's clothing tips taken care of

The basics are for example:

  • Black or navy blue trousers
  • White, black, navy or light blue shirt
  • White or black t-shirt. Preferably a bit tighter. Also, bring a spare as tight t-shirts are more likely to cause sweat.
  • Pull-over with v-neck in plain gray or light blue
  • Blazer
  • Waistcoat
  • Colored socks with a solid pattern

These kinds of basics have several advantages:

  • They never go out of style.
  • You can wear them in any season.
  • They are of good quality even at the cheaper stores (but don’t go cheaper than the H&M).
  • They are much cheaper, so they can get broken or dirty.

Tip 8 – Your outfit is only finished with at least one accessory

basic clothing men

You must wear at least one accessory. A single accessory makes all the difference between well-dressed and ill-dressed. Even if you wear simple pants with a t-shirt: that outfit is completely finished if you wear one accessory.

Had the man in the above image not been wearing a watch, it would have made a huge difference. In the above case, his belt is also visible, which would also count as a visible accessory.

Possible accessories for men are:

  • Watch
  • Bracelet
  • Chain
  • Ring
  • Scarf
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • A belt that is visible.

Tip 9 – Everyone wants to ‘belong,’ but that is not attractive… Wear something striking

If you always want to stay with the herd, you will never be seen. Take an example of the male peacocks and lions: they are beautiful and stand out. Take, for example, a colorful scarf or eye-catching glasses with a large black frame.

You can also make more striking choices with your clothes: jeans are fine, but sometimes you want something more striking. Trousers, for example, because they make you look grown-up and hardly anyone wears trousers in most places. Also try wearing colorful chinos more often instead of jeans.

Tip 10 – Make a shape in your beard: a clean line

grooming for men tight beard line

There should be no hair on the top part of your cheeks. Give your beard a clean line. Also, nothing should be on the lower part of your throat. There, draw the line about two inches above your Adam’s apple.

Tools are welcome. For example, an eye pencil to make the beard shape even tighter and to fill in bald spots. Razors with which you can see exactly where you are working are also welcome. 

Tip 11 – Avoid halitosis (bad breath)

  • Be careful with the keto diet: eating a lot of protein creates a lot of sulfur gases in your stomach.
  • Put a lot of apple cider vinegar in your food or just drink it like that.
  • Drink a lot of green or black tea,
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Scrape your tongue.
  • Gargle with salt (and warm water).
  • Gargle with apple cider vinegar and water.
  • Gargle with baking soda and lukewarm water.
  • Do oil pulling: just rinse thoroughly for half an hour with two tablespoons of sunflower oil or coconut oil.
  • Chew mint or parsley.
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth.
  • Take in oregano oil, but beware because pure oregano oil burns. Take a drop with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Or use it for oil pulling. You can also add a drop of peppermint oil.
  • Rinse and spit out with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Our body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide and we can give that a helping hand.
  • Take a clay cure. Every day for two weeks.

These were the essential ways to look good as a man. Good luck!

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