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How to be attractive? [19 tips] This works 100%

How to be attractive? [19 tips] This works 100%

How can you become more attractive? In this article you will learn the only tips that really make a difference to being attractive. These properties for true attractiveness work universally: for men and women. Read along…

Being attractive Tip 1 – You are positive

As soon as you repeatedly address a negative topic of conversation in a negative way , your attractiveness will go down … So work on yourself so that you have a positive outlook on life. This is a big attractiveness boost, because who wants to be around negative people?

By the way, giving your advice without being asked is also a negative. Think about it: people who are most pleasant to be around – and where everyone wants to be around – never just give their advice to correct others. This makes you enormously attractive, because people then experience that you are without judgment and negativity .

Being attractive Tip 2 – You are yourself

If I’m dating someone it would be great if she was herself. Otherwise I can’t be myself. And that is tough, pretending to be different than you are. That takes a lot of energy and it is not fun at all. This is what makes it so incredibly attractive when you finally meet someone who is themselves.

How exactly can you be yourself? A well-known word for this is: authentic, or to be congruent. Authentic and congruent people are very attractive and have a special kind of aura around them. You can be congruent by actually …

  • Do whatever you want.
  • Do what you think.
  • Say what you feel.
  • Say what you want.
  • Say what you think.

Being attractive Tip 3 – You are well cared for

attractive are tips

This should be the foundation. Once you are well taken care of, you are done. You then only have to be yourself and you are mega attractive without having to do all kinds of extra things, such as ‘funny or witty’!

Personal care and clothing is everything, because those things are within your reach : you can influence this, as opposed to ‘how beautiful you were born’. Here you will find good tips for looking good as a man.

People who are ‘born beautiful’ also have a hard time in life. As they get older and their looks disappear, not much personality is left. These people also live with that fear.

See, it’s just an unfair game. Some people have certain genetic advantages, but you can’t help that. So strengthen the aspects that you can do something about.  The great thing is: these aspects are within reach. This is a proactive attitude that is essential for becoming attractive.

Don’t let your apologies be your downfall. Take more action and you will be more successful. Compensate with what you can influence: take care of yourself, develop charisma, work on a sexy and clear voice, grow in your leadership and flirting skills, etc.

Being attractive Tip 4 – You don’t seek approval from others

There are many reasons why it is unappealing to seek approval from others.

  • First, nobody likes people pleasers and slime balls.
  • Second, it is impossible to be happy with approval from others, even if it seems that way. The only person to seek approval from is yourself. Now people want to be with you, because you have found the key to happiness. You already know that you are good enough.
  • Third, it is just ridiculous to be concerned with what others think of you because no one is concerned with you but yourself.

What can make people crazy … “My bottom is not beautiful.” “My make-up is not right.” “People don’t like me.” Maybe you think those things for 20 years … when they are all things that nobody else pays attention to in you.

Do whatever you want, feel free to be eccentric and stand out from the crowd.

Being attractive Tip 5 – You accept yourself completely

to be attractive is to accept yourself

You see it in someone immediately when a person accepts themselves : you see that there is no held back, convulsive ego energy in that person. This person has full attention to what is happening outside of him, and is not concerned with himself. This person is free and looks happy.

People like people who are completely okay with their imperfections. As Osho said, “The moment you accept yourself, you become beautiful.”

When we look purely at appearance, we cannot ignore the fact that some people are ‘uglier’ than other people. For example, some people have pits on their faces and others don’t. However, ‘ugly’ people who fully accept themselves are ten times more attractive than ‘pretty’ people who criticize themselves.

Bestselling author Fajah Lourens gets dozens of messages every day via Instagram from all kinds of women who write: ‘I am ugly, fat and I have pits …’ She recommends all these people first: ‘Start by saying that you are already beautiful . ‘ This is a huge step to instantly become more attractive!

Being attractive Tip 6 – You listen to people

It’s rare that you come across someone who really listens.  Can you give the gift of your full attention to others? This shows that you are open minded and not biased. You show people their worth and you even want to dive into their world of experience.

This is a special type of charisma. Use it!

Being attractive Tip 7 – You live healthy

Whatever you cut out of your schedule, such as responsibilities and hobbies that cost you more than pay off, you should not cut exercise and health out of your life.

Be Attractive Tip 8 – Laugh!

become attractive

Just pay attention: you will receive 10 times more compliments if you smile … I get compliments every day about anything and everything. My hair, looks, charisma, wisdom, energy or character … And it’s just because I smile. Because I never get those compliments if I don’t smile for a day.

A skinny, bald boy in a simple T-shirt asked for a cigarette. He not only got the cigarette, but also a hug and a compliment. “You earned it with that big smile alone.” This boy offers a big smile. It gives positive energy and that is attractive!

Being attractive Tip 9 – Think about yourself

Other’s problem is not your problem. Take care of yourself so that you can give your attention to the things that are really important.

Do you know what is really attractive? Someone with focus and a healthy ambition with a view to the future.

Being attractive Tip 10 – Know what you do and don’t want, and say no

How do I appear attractive? By being sure of your case. If you are sure of what you want, then you also know what you don’t want and what you should clearly say no to. If you don’t want something, say no and stick to your no. This is an important way to set boundaries. Finally, a reminder for the requesting party: save the # metoo culture and think of consent.

Know what you want. And go for it.

Being attractive Tip 11 – Don’t wait, take action now

It is attractive when someone just makes decisions and immediately starts moving with control, calmness and enthusiasm. Take the initiative, but don’t push.

An attractive person is active, goal-oriented, inspiring and stimulating.

Being attractive Tip 12 – You like to touch

attractive touch

How you turn or turn it: touch is attractive. Provided, of course, you alternate it with letting go. Contrasts (touch & non-touch) are essential for attraction!

Are you dating? Just take the other person in your arms.

Being attractive Tip 13 – Your intuition / ‘soul’ is very much alive and present in your body

Have you ever looked at someone and remarked, “Gosh, you look so radiant today!” So that’s the soul! Your soul provides neo-photons that light up your face and your eyes. That’s why people who are completely in touch with their intuition are so attractive and sparkling! These people are absolutely irresistible.

This is not at all ‘woolly’ but lifelike. You can easily notice the difference between someone as described above and someone whose soul is absent. You can recognize them by the following characteristics:

  • Do you know the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz? It is the man who cannot move without oil.
  • Tightness throughout the body.
  • Tight lips.
  • Tight hips.
  • They hold back.
  • They are not allowed to move freely from themselves (ego).
  • How many people do you see around you who don’t have that sparkle in their eyes, who are ‘dead’? Someone who is cut off from his heart is not alive.

How do you ensure that you follow and develop your intuition so that you also get this attractiveness?

We automatically move towards the person who is grounded. One feels safe with grounded people.

Being attractive Tip 14 – You surrender to your partner in order to serve the world together

This is such a powerful tip, it can make even the most ‘ugly’ person fall in love with them …

This person is not interested in what he / she wants or what the other wants. This person does find it important – with or without a partner – to find out how love can be awakened in the world.

This person lets go of all boundaries. This person completely surrenders to the heart of another , so that your hearts merge into a love greater than your own preferences, so that it can be offered to the world.

You are then busy  giving  freedom, love and depth to your partner and to the world. You are not looking for it for yourself. Nothing is more attractive than someone in this state.  She shines her full light, knowing that she is completely attractive: she uses it to open the man, to inspire him to deeper love. Nothing is more attractive than that.

Learn more about this in the article on a spiritual love affair.

Being attractive Tip 15 – You have a rock-solid and endless self-confidence

Read and apply these tips on building confidence.

Being attractive Tip 16 – You don’t show your enormously unattractive ego

It’s just not attractive when your ego is speaking. Negativity, inhibition and incongruity will shine through you on all sides. Prevent that and learn to deal with your ego so that your intuition is uninhibited! Trust. Let go completely. Let go completely.

Being attractive Tip 17 – You show yourself vulnerable, you give

become attractive - vulnerable say hello

A vulnerable person is an attractive person. Because it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable. You give a lot of happiness, love and value when you are vulnerable. So read the article about vulnerability.

Vulnerability is about the question, “Am I taking risks and loving, or am I playing it safe?”

Being attractive Tip 18 – Give compliments

Are you not very happy when you receive a compliment? And do you not admire the other because of that? The world is your mirror! Use this gigantic list of the best compliments.

Being attractive Tip 19 – Get soft…

Become soft, fluid, warm and without judgment… in other words, become charismatic.

Being attractive Tip 20 – Step into your masculine or feminine energy

Are you dealing with someone who is very feminine at the time? Then step into your masculine energy. If the other is correct in his / her masculine energy, step into your feminine energy. This polarity makes you … attractive!

Drilling, shouting on the phone, thoughtfully offering to carry boxes … all examples of masculine energy! Here you will find all the characteristics of masculine and feminine energy.

These tips were for men and women

The above tips come from my experience as a man who tells what he finds attractive in a woman, but you can use these tips as both a man and a woman.

Finally, read these dozens of flirting tips: they have everything you need

I would prefer to go into all these tips much deeper, but I have already discussed them all in detail! So read them in the article with the best flirting tips.

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