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5 Tips For Studying At Home [Best Homework Tips]

5 Tips For Studying At Home [Best Homework Tips]

What are the best ways to study well at home? How do you get the most concentration, focus and discipline for this? Many people wonder how best to work from home to learn most effectively. These five powerful tips will help you with that!

We spend a lot of time at home …

Due to various circumstances, you may not be able to attend university or college at this time. That of course means that you have a lot more free time than usual. However, studying must also continue at home.

That is not always easy with all the distractions around you. So today we’re sharing five tips that will make studying at home a bit more productive…

1. Make a concrete and realistic schedule (and stick to it)

When dealing with different subjects, assignments and deadlines, it is extremely important to make a concrete, but also realistic schedule.

By making a good planning, you not only create structure, but you also keep an overview. That way you know what needs to be done every day and you are less likely to lag behind. You can make a good planning on paper, but also with handy apps such as Wunderlist .

2. Choose a good study place

tips studying at home

If you don’t have to go to university or college at 8 in the morning, it can be very tempting to snuggle under the covers and grab your books.

However, we all know that it is not really productive and you can easily be distracted or fall asleep. So get ready to study as you normally would and if possible study somewhere other than your bedroom.

Do you miss studying in the library? Then it may be worthwhile to put a “study with me” YouTube video in the background in which people are studying hard.

3. Limit distractions – in other words, focus

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Checking a message from a friend can quickly turn into hours of scrolling on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, turn off your smartphone while studying or download a “distraction blocker” such as Cold Turkey or SelfControl . This way you avoid being distracted and not getting your work done.

4. Take decent snack and lunch breaks

It can be tempting to eat a sandwich and snack while studying. Still, it is better to take a real break from this. Our discipline literally runs out when it has been active for a while – so that must also be supplemented with rest.

With such a full break, you can focus on something for a moment and then get back to work full of concentration. So take a lunch break, check your messages on your phone and go outside. After a good break it will be a lot easier to get back to work.

5. Call it a day on time: do not keep studying too long 

study at home tips concentration

Of course we all have a day when we have to study until the late evening hours. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that you stop studying on time to be able to continue with a fresh head the next day.

In the evening our brain power is at its weakest. A task that would take you two hours in the evening will only take you half an hour in the morning.

So use the evening for relaxation. Listening to podcasts, watching videos on YouTube or watching the Netflix offer in other countries with a VPN are our favorite things to relax.

Do you have any other tips for studying? Leave them in the comments below.

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