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Resilience: Meaning & Features Of This Powerful Quality

Resilience: Meaning & Features Of This Powerful Quality

What is mental toughness, or resilience? What is the significance of this quality and what are the characteristics of people with mental toughness? Read on for an explanation and sayings about this special virtue…

What is mental resilience?

Resilience is the spiritual strength to recover from adversity. When there is disappointment or loss, you have the hope, courage, and determination to overcome it and come out even stronger .

It ain’t over till it’s over.
– Yogi Berra

Characteristic 1 – You appeal to your deep source of confidence and perseverance

People with resilience and mental toughness always persevere: they keep getting up when they fall. For example , if you had a rejection , you get up again and continue as a winner. In other words, you have rock-solid confidence and perseverance. Resilience and mental toughness is the quality of winners.

Stamina is not only the ability to endure a difficulty, but it even helps you turn that difficulty into glory.
– William Barclay

Characteristic 2 – You accept that setbacks are part of it, and therefore show vulnerability

Also, vulnerability has to make spring force. You are vulnerable if you are willing to fall. Because you know that life is going to drop you regularly anyway. You are not afraid of this, but you put yourself in full vulnerability, knowing that you can fall, creating a precious experience and memory. And knowing that after that you will get up right away.

What does not kill me makes me stronger.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Characteristic 3 – You participate fully in the dance of life: peaks (successes) and lows (setbacks)

Life is guaranteed to offer you setbacks multiple times . You understand that accepting is the only thing you can do, that makes you dance in this dance of life, so that you can just end up in the peaks.

A resilient person is alive and well.

Characteristic 4 – In times of loss you take advantage of comfort and encouragement

You bring people together in times of loss to enable comfort and encouragement. You mourn, you take the lesson, and then you move on. There is always hope and certainty that things will turn out well.

Steadfastness, endurance, and persistence – in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities – is the thing that distinguishes the strong from the weak soul in all things.
– Thomas Carlyle

Characteristic 5 – You have humor

Humor eases the burden when things seem to be getting too heavy.

Never give up.
– Text on Mohammed Salah’s undergarments in a match in which Liverpool had to clear a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona. It became 3-4.

The best way out is always: through it.
– Robert Frost

Just bite through the sour apple.
– Dutch saying

Difficulties test your faith and teach you to persevere.
– James 1: 3

Characteristic 6 – You see the big picture, or in other words: you can put things into perspective

Relativity is the quality of resilient people. For example, you keep the big goal and your important values ​​in sight.

A true warrior knows that when he loses a fight, he is improving his skills with which to wield his sword.
– Paulo Coelho

Affirm your mental toughness and reselience

Read the sentence below aloud.

I am grateful for my gift of resilience. This quality ensures that I keep growing every day. I find the strength to survive opposition. I count on difficulties to strengthen my character. My resilience is the wind in my sails.

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