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How To Stop Escapism: 6 Tips To Rigorously Stop Toxic Escapism

How To Stop Escapism: 6 Tips To Rigorously Stop Toxic Escapism

How can you tackle and unlearn escapism and procrastination? What is the trend of escapism that is increasingly taking shape? Where does procrastination and escapism come from? In this article you will find the meaning and tips to combat this rigorously. 

Two not-to-be-missed signs of escapism

Are you postponing something? In almost all cases you are looking for an ‘ escape ‘ so that you don’t have to do that. There are two huge signs of escapism and procrastination:

  1. You deal with the typical habits of ‘escapism’ such as YouTube videos, pornography, computer games, TV, alcohol, series and movies.
  2. You read too much theory. Many people with a passion for personal development struggle with this habit. Consuming information without a sign of execution is escapism in its purest form. You read the experiences of others. You read how others take action, instead of making your own dreams come true.

The clinical procrastinator is at home …

This is Bert …

escapism and procrastination tips

Bert  wants  a great life and Bert wants  to be the hero of his life … but it remains daydreaming because Bert doesn’t take any action .

As a result, Bert does not receive the reward of, for example, a good love life, good friends, fine finances and a strong self-confidence.

In the meantime, the clinical procrastinator wants to meet his needs …

Thus, the escapist does not receive a reward for lack of action. To fill this gap, Bert has to find other ways to fulfill these needs, and he does that with cheap shapes like …

  • Pornography to simulate his sex life while acting as a buffer against rejection.
  • Youtubers and series to simulate his social circles.
  • Video games to simulate his sense of ‘having achieved something’.
  • Social Media to simulate his sense of approval.
  • Alcohol to simulate his confidence.

All these simulations don’t bring any real value to the dreamer. As a result, the escapist’s life will always feel ’empty’, as if something is missing.

Short-term fulfillment VS long-term fulfillment

However, the desire to change all of this is still there … but it is very easy to lay claim to these cheap forms of “instant gratification” habits instead of “long-term gratification habits.”

While it is hard to build your career / business, train your body, flirt, get rejected, but these are the habits that will give you lasting fulfillment.

6 drastic tips against procrastination and escapism: do this …

procrastination advice

  1. Instead of pornography, don’t be afraid of rejection  and talk to that man / woman in the mall, park, or pub.
  2. Instead of movies and series, invest your time in real people instead of fictional characters. Have quality social activities.
  3. Instead of video games, develop your own skills instead of the skills of a fictional character.
  4. Instead of consuming useless information, the internet contains an infinite amount of information, including a lot of useless information. Use it for the meaningful information!
  5. Instead of narcotics, hit the gym and eat a healthy diet.
  6. Replace daydreaming and excessive theorizing with execution of plans.

You have to postpone procrastination.

4 bonus tips against procrastination

To your success!

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