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How To Live A Minimalistic Lifestyle [12 Tips] [Instantly Applicable]

How To Live A Minimalistic Lifestyle [12 Tips] [Instantly Applicable]

Do you want to live simple and in a minimalist way? Simpler living is not a bad idea, although some people may find it scary to cut things out of their lives and lifestyle. What are the best practical tips for a simple lifestyle? Simplify your life with the tips in this blog article!

The meaning of minimalism and the minimalist lifestyle

Before learning how to live simply, it’s good to take a look at what minimalism means. What is minimalism and what is a minimalist?

The Wikipedia meaning tells us, “The term minimalist often colloquially refers to anything that is spare or stripped to its essentials.”  Also, essentialism related thereto.

So all non-essential things are left out. The really essential parts  remain, and often these are just a few things or even one thing. This applies perfectly to your life, but originally the term comes from the art world. Minimalism can also be applied in photography, architecture and communication expressions.

The most powerful powerpoint presentations contain only one image per slide – without any text.

You don’t have to go to a monastery to live simple… You can live simpler every day!

You may think that you can only live a simple and simple life if you move to a monastery for good, but living simple and simple is also possible in your own home and work situation in the Netherlands. Let’s find out how to do that below.

Step-by-step plan for minimalism: have less stuff! This way you can live with as little stuff as possible …

simple life tips

Grab a garbage bag or box and walk around your house with it. Ask yourself about all the things you come across:

  • Am I using this?
  • Does it serve me?
  • Is it old? Is it dead? Is it dormant energy? Grieve, let go and move on.
  • Is it increasing or decreasing energy?
  • Does it take up space without adding any value to my life?
  • Is it in my energetic space and taking energy?

Do you want to learn more steps to be able to live with my stuff as much as possible? More tips and a precise step-by-step plan can be found in this article about decluttering.

People’s houses are full of things that there is no room for the people themselves. This does not make one happy.

Simplify your life: the first 5 tips to organize your life

simple life how

Don’t just pass minimalism and simple living into your stuff. Apply it throughout your life. You can do this with the following areas of your life:

  1. Goals . Have one clear business goal. If you have multiple goals, you will be pulled in all directions without actually being able to make progress with anything. And the worst part is of course that you are pulled in all directions, which gives you no rest at all. In other words, have one focus. If we zoom out and look at all of our lives, you can choose to focus on up to four areas of your life. For example: family, work, spiritual growth and education.
  2. Your schedule, ‘to do’ and agenda. Bring everything together into one simple file. You could also call this the GTD method (Getting Things Done). Bring all your to do’s, ideas and wishes together in one file.
  3. Do not have a to do list anymore , but transfer your to do list to your agenda. If you need to check your invoice numbers ‘again’, do not put it in a to do list, but choose a day in your agenda and assign the task there. Now you no longer have two places to look, but one place: just your agenda.
  4. Also write off your ideal day. For example, if you want to play the piano every day, clean up, meditate and burn your teeth, give yourself the gift to not have to remember all those things. Write down your ideal day.
  5. Meditate for peace of mind. After all, you can have such a completely simplified life without anything to worry about … You may notice that the possible worry in your head just continues as loud and even sounds louder now that it is so quiet. Meditation is the last (actually the first) puzzle piece.

And of course I have more tips for you …

Tip 6 – Delete a lot of activities and projects: what you have left is a quieter and relaxed life

empty weekend

Many working people – whether in a job or as an entrepreneur – do anything and everything because they want to perform on multiple fronts. They do content marketing, social media marketing, advertising and podcasting … and I haven’t even mentioned all kinds of overhead activities.

Delete anything that causes you unrest and that is completely non-essential. For example, sometimes a designer has to stop all of his activities except actually designing for clients. He then resolves all other ‘obligations’ by scrapping them because they did not yield anything anyway or by outsourcing them.

Less fun, more fun.
– Jelle Hermus, Sochicken

Tip 7 – Work less? Tips to achieve this!

Working less means more rest or more time for fun things. Can you really work less? Is it really possible? Yes. And I’m going to explain to you exactly how:

First, you need to develop the qualities of effectiveness and focus  . These are at the same time the most simple properties to apply and at the same time hardly anyone does this. Most people just walk around unnecessarily, and you can fix this for yourself thanks to these two qualities.

Effectiveness and focus ensure that you will no longer do a lot of projects, so that you will do those one few activities that actually bring you a lot. This way you earn more in less time, so you can work less.

Second, it is helpful to learn how to make a lot of money. Read more about getting rich here .

Many people see the above sentence as shocking. Getting rich … In fact, the idea of ​​not necessarily having to work is shocking to many people. The phrase “What kind of work do you want to do later” has become so normal that it is perhaps one of the most serious “false assumptions” of the 21st century. The question ‘What kind of work do you want to do later’ comes from previous generations who lived in poverty and war. Nowadays we have nothing to fear about that, but that sentence is still normal. (Much) work is not necessary to earn money. Just be human!

Tip 9 – Minimalism implemented in your interior? A minimalist house …

simple lifestyle

You can also implement minimalism in your interior by creating more space and having less stuff. A minimalist house also means less tidying up.

Tip 8 – Try out the art of frugal living: learn to live with little money

As an experiment you can deliberately live a sober life. Minimalism expert Jelle Hermus from SoChicken also calls this: simple rich living! We all know that money doesn’t buy happiness, and let’s experience it! The days may suddenly become more meaningful, with more moments where you enjoy the simple things.

Tip 10 – Simple living? Introduce minimalism into your wardrobe

The most successful people practice simplicity. Take Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, for example. Read this article in Elite Daily.  The biggest step you can take in this is by putting basics in your wardrobe. They always match and you don’t have to think about what to wear. You can just grab something and that’s okay.

Tip 11 – Cherish the ones you love

Your social life is also excellent for applying minimalism and simplicity. Find out who your best friends and relatives are and cherish only those relationships, because that really makes you happy. You can invest in that. Quality is better than quantity.

Tip 12 – Start living a simple life right away? Take the minimalism challenge

minimalism challenge

Many blogs, such as ‘Zuinigaan’, ‘Simple Happy’ and ‘Pick-up Limes’ have a minimalism challenge. Test the challenge of the Growthinkers blog.

Conclusion: simple living? Transform your lifestyle completely …

Don’t just stick to getting rid of your things. Include your documents, projects, goals, workload and other parts of your life in your plan to live more simply. Simplify your lifestyle. Living in simplicity ensures that you have a calmer and happier life .

Keep only what is useful or beautiful. Let go of exaggeration, clutter, and complexities. Appreciate the little things, everyday moments of happiness, and every opportunity to be kind.

In any case, you can already do something very important to immediately live a simpler life: get rif of some stuff!

On your luck!

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