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Best Board Games Ever [Top 10 Of All Time] [Update 2024]

Best Board Games Ever [Top 10 Of All Time] [Update 2024]

What are the best and most fun board games to buy? If you want a happy life, then make time for board games. Why? Because you spend time with family and friends and because you make play an important part of your life. Read on for the best recommendations (ever)!

What kind of board games can you find in the top 10 below?

In this list you will find the best classics and fun newcomers if you are looking for funny games with friends and family – for all ages. So also for children and adults.

The list of recommendations below consists of board games, party games and hilarious indoor games – also for large groups. Here you will find strategic games, tactical games and fun party games.

It is therefore an ideal list if you are looking for a game for your family weekend, for New Years or when everyone has to sit at home.

The best known classics ever and new board games

In the list of recommendations below you will find classic and new board games for adults, children and the whole family. You will find the popular games from 999 games and the less well-known games.

We start with a top 10 of the best board games and well-known games, and then you will find a list of additional board games.

Well, let’s have a look at the best board games for family and friends.

1 – Monopoly

This game is unparalleled fun and stays firmly on 1. Do stick to the rules exactly, because then a game can be done very well within a reasonable time. If you change the rules of the game yourself and introduce unnecessary inflation into the system, it can go on indefinitely.

Tips for winning: Go for the stations. Also go for all the streets that are on the first half of the board, because the players come up there much more often because of ‘Go to jail’, ‘Go to start’ and other chance cards. Also take the red streets and place as many 3 houses on your properties as possible so that the houses are empty and your opponents can no longer buy houses. 

2 – Risk

A stylized world map … It seems like a simple game. But in the meantime you can bluff and enjoy the fun fighting system. 

3 – Ticket to ride

Looks like Risk, only more beautiful and a completely different twist … without fighting.

4 – Dice games, such as Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a beautifully simple dice game!

5 – Chess, Checkers, Backgammon & Go

You need to have these classics.

6 – Fun card games, such as bullshitting

Just a deck of cards will ensure hilarity.

7 – Jenga (with a twist)

Jenga is simple and fun.

8 – Stratego

This board game is different every time!

9 – Catan

The board itself is different every time. What choices do you make?

10 – 30 seconds

It’s a simple game: the more terms you can describe and guess, the more steps you can take on the board. There is no more to it – except a die with which you can get penalty points.

Extra list with even more good board games

What are other fun board games and board games? An extra list of recommendations …

Black Stories

Exploding Kittens

Cards against humanity

In case you couldn’t get your hands on the Cyanide & Happiness board game.


Qwixx Double Play


Playstation / Nintendo / Xbox

Game consoles also offer a lot of board games. Mario Kart, Fifa, Mario Party, Smash Brothers and shooters that allow you to relive Goldeneye-esque times …


Time after time



Machi Koro


Cow trade


Take 5




Enchanted maze

Naval battle

Meditative puzzling

Question games

Question games are a lot of fun. Perhaps you want to take it more seriously with the Core Quadrants game. Also think of fun games via apps, such as Psych or Mad Libs.

Self-made games with pen and paper adults

Do you remember the pen and paper game: Room Hiring? You can already do a lot of fun things with a pen and paper.

Have fun with the best and most fun board games from the list

These were the best board games and board games ever. Choose a board game from the above lesson and enjoy together with your family and friends. Again, games are an essential part of a happy life with friends and family. On your luck!

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