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I don’t know what i want to do with my life [8 tips]

I don’t know what i want to do with my life [8 tips]

‘I don’t know what I want in life. What am I going to do with my life? ‘ It can be a tricky question: not knowing what you want … In this article you will find tips to answer this question.

Tip 1 – Consider where you are in your life now

Everyone has a moment in their life where they think, “What am I doing?” You think about where you are at this point in your life.

Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Are you heading where you want to be?
  • Is this it now?
  • Is this what I have?
  • Am I going in the direction I want?

There comes such a moment when you broaden your view. That you are going to look around you instead of just seeing where you are now. That moment could come after answering the above questions … Or maybe you’ve already had that moment.

Tip 2 – Just change immediately with what you do in your life

You can always change. People who are halfway through their 30th  are thinking, “I must do something else.” And suddenly they do something different with their lives.

Everyone has such a moment in their life. When that moment is differs per person. That moment does not always have to be a bad moment, a big loss or a midlife crisis.

The point is, just because you chose this job doesn’t mean you have to do it for the rest of your life. You can always stop and start a new challenge. You don’t have to do the same thing over and over because you’ve always done it. So if you’re wondering, “What am I going to do with my life?” Then test all sorts of things from today to find the answer.

Tip 3 – Choose work that you enjoy

what do I want

This is an important tip to start with: we work 80,000 hours in our total life. It would be a shame to spend those hours on something you don’t like. So do what you like.

Do your job for a reason, and one of the best reasons is because you like it. In this way, work does not become a ‘must’ and you never lose pleasure in your work.

If you stop doing what you enjoy doing, you will lose the pleasure in life.

Tip 4 – Turn your hobby into your job

This tip takes the previous tip a step further. Don’t just choose work that you enjoy … But even consider turning your favorite hobby into your job!

Why? People often work because they have to. After all, money has to be earned. These people stop their hobbies because they don’t have time for them anymore, at least that’s what they say themselves … That’s not necessary if your hobby becomes your job!

Tip 5 – Then always keep going with what you like

what do I want with my life

Have you chosen something you like? Beautiful. You want to pursue that! Never stop doing what you like.

If you start to let go of what has brought you so much joy in life, you will lose what made you happy.

Tip 6 – Enjoy not only your work, but also the other things in life

You have fueled the flame in your work. Super! In addition, take the time to stop and enjoy the small / daily things in life. You don’t have to put out that flame. You can also put it on the back burner and continue to enjoy it every day.

Tip 7 – Find your ‘Ikigai’


List for yourself what your ‘Ikigai’ is. What exactly is that? Answer the following four questions:

  1. What do I like to do?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What does the world need?
  4. What can I get paid for?

The answer to these questions is ‘je Ikigai’. You can read all about this in the article about Ikigai.

Tip 8 – Take action

Doing things and saying things is a very big difference. You will also have to take steps towards that life that you really want to live. By doing things, you will notice the difference. So immediately test all kinds of things to find out what you want with your life!

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