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Synchronicity: Meaning, Examples, Experiences & 10 Tips!

Synchronicity: Meaning, Examples, Experiences & 10 Tips!

What is the meaning of  synchronicity? Is there more to it than coincidence? Is it something spiritual? In this article you will find explanations, examples and experiences about the law of synchronicity. 

Examples of experiences of synchronicity

Sometimes phenomena take place that cannot be explained …

  • You think of an unknown song (listened to only 6,000 times worldwide on Spotify) and that song suddenly plays in the cafe where you are at that moment.
  • You think of someone you haven’t spoken to or thought of for a long time, and that person suddenly calls you or you run into that person the next day. It happens the next day, the same day or even worse: at the same time!
  • You express the intention to meet your dream partner, and that same week you meet the love of your life.
  • A magazine or flyer with just the right message for you falls on the right page for your feet.
  • A song on the radio that sticks in your head contains the message you need.
  • There will be just the right help you need from someone walking by. People emerge from nowhere and are your lifesaver!

All these examples have happened to me regularly. And what we’ll discover later in this article … Something didn’t just happen!

What is the meaning of synchronicity (term coined by Carl Jung)?

Synchronicity means that multiple events seem to be connected, creating a positive or surprising outcome. There has been no causal relationship between these events, so it looks like a coincidence. Jung saw it – besides causation – as another way of explaining things, making it “more like just coincidence.”

There are no mistakes and coincidences. All events are blessings that want to teach us something.
– Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Jung argues that in the first instance there may simply be a pure coincidence, and that there is not necessarily a “symbolic” or “spiritual” force that causes it. However, as the number of ‘coincidences’ increases in your life, it becomes less and less likely that coincidence will occur. Then events cannot pass as coincidence. Jung states that the effect of, for example, astrology and the I Ching can also be attributed to synchronicity.

Coincidence does not exist … Everything happens for a reason … Divine timing …. Divine confirmation … Just a few statements that point to synchronicity.

Is Synchronicity Spiritual?


You can see synchronicity as little miracles. Anonymous gifts from the universe. They are pleasant surprises. They seem very unlikely, but they do happen. (And yes … That’s pretty spiritual).

The logical laws of cause and effect are set aside.

How can synchronicity happen?

How can that happen, such a ‘coincidence’? For that we can take a look at the lessons of non-duality: the universe is one: if you are busy with something, the world is also busy with it. There is not enough room to explain this here, so read the article on non-duality to find out more about this.

Using synchronicity for goals and relationships

You can use synchronicity to achieve your goals. For this you make use of the law of attraction . If you use synchronistic events more and more often, it seems as if the world is cooperating and not opposing you. And you don’t even have to do your best: they just happen by themselves.

In fact, synchronicity is a shift from your head to your heart. It means living the life you were born for. The universe wants you to succeed, and so will put everything in motion to make you succeed.

Tips: this way you bring more synchronization into your life

Anyway, how can you apply synchronicity in your life?

synchronicity in your life

Tip 1 – Use these 70+ tips to work with your intuition

Synchronicity is a shift from your head to your heart and stomach (your intuition). So take steps to develop your intuition and to listen to it more often.

Tip 2 – Pray and ask for synchronistic gifts from the angels

When you pray, have heart coherence, and feel love, joy, and unity in your heart, miracles happen in the world. The organization of the universe is beginning to rearrange and manifest in new and unusual ways.

Ask the angels to bring you synchronicity! Your prayer has a resonant effect on the world. If you live from your heart, you experience it in others. This is a choice that you can only make yourself. No one else can do it for you.

The heart has such amazing power that a whole new world will open up to you, a world where coincidence does not exist. You always know how to let fear and love dissolve and you know how to turn setbacks into opportunities for spiritual growth.

Tip 3 – Do not resist reality

Reality is gracious, even if it doesn’t seem like it because of all the layers of judgment you place on top of it. Synchronicities come through reality. Not through thoughts, stories and judgments. So have acceptance and surrender for everything that happens.

Tip 4 – Find the purpose of your life

By asking for your destination , your intuition opens and you begin to see the things your heart wants you to see.

Tip 5 – See everything that happened as a lesson

Think of a large or small event that was ‘negative’ but that may have been very coincidental. Ask yourself:

  • What have I learned from that event?
  • Did it lead to a different experience?
  • Was that other experience positive or negative?
  • Did this put you on a different, perhaps better track?
  • What pattern do you see in these events?
  • What lessons can you learn from it?
  • Do you now see connections that you did not see before?
  • After your discovery, do you understand what to do now or in the future?

Tip 6 – Set an intention

Set an intention for more synchronicity in your life. Ask your heart to lead you to it. Then listen to and act on each intuitive message. If you want to tackle this big, read the article about the law of attraction.

Tip 7 – Be quiet

Being silent is incredibly simple and effective. You achieve this (mental) silence through meditation . This creates more space in your head, and that space can now be filled with synchronicities.

Tip 8 – Believe in miracles

Once you believe in it, you see more and more. In fact, they happen more and more and more often, until your whole life becomes a chain of synchronistic gifts. How you develop this is fully explained in the article about your intuition.

Tip 9 – Expect miracles

Expect them every day. Coincidences, gifts and positive energy that you encounter one day have mainly reached you because you expected them with your expectant energy. Give it a try!

Tip 10 – Take care of yourself

You need energy to be able to attract energy. So take care of yourself and relax.  For example, take walks in nature and empty yourself.

Book tip about synchronicity

If you want to learn more about synchronicity, you can do so with Deepak Chopra’s book: ‘Synchronical Life – The Unlimited Power of Meaningful Coincidence’. This book contains many real-life stories and examples showing that synchronicity is real.

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  1. J.S. CHoe

    Thanks for your insightful explanations on Synchronicity referring even back to Carl Jung, which I scrutinized with keen attention and consent. Yes! I also do believe the fundamental purposes of life and human beings lie in seeking and experiencing HAPPINESS in full extent. 🙂

  2. Carmelle Visconti

    I have the numbers thing going for about a decade. Then I started seeing a word and hearing it at the same time. Now it’s 3-4 word phrases. Multiple times a day. But something a little different just happened. My health is bad and I woke up abruptly at 3AM with the word Visceral in !y mind. I looked it up and within the different definitions was Visceral Nervous System . I looked it up and it includes the heart and glands. My Dr ordered an echocardiogram that week for my heart! I didn’t get it yet but I’m thinking maybe that’s what the problem is! We’ll find out! Was that a psychic thing? I was in the MRI and was thinking about Taco Bell and a commercial came on for Taco Bell on the earphones after I thought that! Happens all the time! God Bless!