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The Journey (Negative) Experiences [Brandon Bays]

The Journey (Negative) Experiences [Brandon Bays]

What are the experiences about The Journey? Are there any negative experiences about The Journey seminars? You will find out via this page.

Negative experiences about The Healing Journey

Below you will find videos of participants in The Journey. I have personally heard some negative experiences about The Journey of Recovery, but none of them go so far as to say, for example, that it might be nonsense. The method itself is therefore rock solid, because it uses the most effective techniques of NLP, hypnosis and spirituality. The method relies on the self-healing ability (click for more info).

What are those negative experiences then? That you can prepare for a long sit if you choose to experience The Journey in a seminar. The only negative experiences I have heard are about that point. It is mainly a lot of sitting and having a lot of patience while carrying out a Journey process. So it is not a quick method.

Healing Journey (Brandon Bays) experiences captured on video

View the experiences of participants in The Journey Intensive Training below.

My experience with The Healing Journey

After my healing journey I immediately felt ecstatic. I expressed it in the letter below to myself:

How could it go like this?

So laborious?

So inhibited?

So back and forth?

You are love and it extends all the way within you and all the way to everywhere – your tasks and people around you …

You are a star.

You have zest for life.

Everything is easy, the way you want it.

What is the point of staying in that gray area between joy and no joy? I do not get it.

But you can. You can change. Loving yourself. That has already happened.

You enjoy life – and your mission.

Very good of you.

I love you.

An enormous amount.


How can I register for The Journey Intensive? (Offer)

Below you will soon find a link with which you can register. The three-day Journey Intensive Seminar is in any case recommended.

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