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Want To Activate Your Body’s Self-Healing Power? [15 Practical Tips]

Want To Activate Your Body’s Self-Healing Power? [15 Practical Tips]

What is the self-healing capacity? How can you tap into the body’s self-healing power? For example for physical and psychological complaints? In this article you can read all about self-healing through your own mental strength. First you will find an explanation and then 15 practical tips!

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The latest research on the self-healing ability

In addition to the tips in this article, do you want to learn more about this topic? The 2018 bestseller The Self-Healing Power (via by Deepak Chopra & Rudolph E. Tanzi is about the latest research in the field of connecting body & mind and body & immunity. It deals practically with nutrition, stress, reduction of inflammation in the body and healthy aging.

What is meant by self-healing by your own mental strength?

Consider the following statement: Health arises from mental activity. From positive mental attitudes. For example, if you believe that you are healthy, you will be healthy. The statement also applies the other way around: illness requires you to believe that you are sick.

Before we take up or attack this statement, let’s learn more about it …

If you believe something, will it happen?

Some of us “don’t have nice handwriting.” How did that come about? We did not conclude that our handwriting was bad because our handwriting is bad. Your handwriting is bad because the belief was there in the mind. Maybe someone said it to you when you were little and you were still learning it.

Self-Healing Through the Power of the Mind: Matter of Suggestion and Beliefs?

self-healing ability

There are a number of special phenomena that confirm the power of thoughts. For example, after a disease has become known on TV, such as a flu wave, an epidemic suddenly develops during the following days. It’s because of the suggestion that told us there is a flu wave. 

Toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals in the body.

It can be as simple as just giving suggestions to your or someone else’s brain … That’s why hypnosis works so well! For example, there is a hypnotic allergy technique in which you make the subconscious believe that you are not allergic.

Less than 1% of diseases are related to genes. Genes are not determinative. You often hear people say – after they become bald, fat or sick, ‘I knew this was going to happen …’ No, it was your belief in the bad genes.

When you change your beliefs, you change your biology. You can get all kinds of ailments even with perfectly healthy genes. This uses the power of the placebo effect: your faith heals.

– Bruce Lipton

The placebo effect programs your nervous system for healing

If there is a test group of 100 sick people on which a new drug is being tested, then a group of 100 people is always given a placebo, while this placebo group is told that they are also receiving the new drug.

This must be done to see if the new drug is working. And indeed, the new drug caught on with 70 people who received the actual drug. But it is not uncommon for 60, 70 or even 75 people to get better in the placebo group.

They accept and believe the thought that they are getting the medicine. They program their nervous systems to heal themselves. Is it the substance that performs the healing, or is it the body’s own capacity to heal?

Positive and negative thinking is very powerful. Placebo can cure you of anything and negative thinking can give you all illnesses and even death.

Activate self-healing ability? Were you never surprised when you fell as a child …

self-healing ability

That time was great! As a child I had a wound from playing at least every month. And that wound healed all by itself. A few weeks later you couldn’t see it anymore.

How come the self-healing ability was activated to heal the wound? In the next section, let’s see how quickly our cells renew themselves …

Our physical body is completely renewed in eight years

Some facts about the replacement of your cells:

  • About one billion cells are replaced in your body every hour.
  • Every cell in the eye is renewed every 48 hours.
  • The cells lining the stomach take three days to complete.
  • Skin cells take four weeks to be completely renewed.
  • Liver cells need six weeks. Your entire liver has been renewed in five months.
  • Your bones are renewed every ten years.

But sometimes we stay sick longer …

Why can a disease persist despite the new cells?

Why, for example, can cancer survive in a new cell that replaces the old one?

The answer lies in the cell memory . This means that memories can be stored in cells. In this way, a disease pattern is passed on to a new generation of cells.

So not only our brain has a memory: our body cells too. The solution is to work unprocessed emotions so that they can no longer fix things.

Almost every illness can be traced back to anxiety and stress

self-healing ability

The ultimate cause of illness is anxiety and stress . The self-healing capacity completely comes down to resolving fear. Because what happens when you are under stress?

When we fly in an airplane, and when we are scared / nervous, we get sweaty palms and shaky hands. We then have a physical response to something we feel emotionally.

The PH value then changes. We get sour. Inflammation can develop in it if it persists. What if we deeply suppress certain stressful emotions, and it builds … and it builds … and it builds … Less energy goes to the immune system, the liver system stops working properly and illnesses can suddenly take hold .

Where does that energy go then?

Stress has a very positive purpose: the fight-flight intention. You want to use 100% of your energy to run for the saber-toothed tiger. Only nowadays that is no longer necessary. But the fight-flight response, or stress, sometimes turns on.

Illness is a healthy response to an insane situation.
– Eleanor Longden

You have three types of stress:

  • Physical stress: This is due to accidents, falls and trauma.
  • Chemical stress: This is due to bacteria, hormones, metals, viruses and your blood sugar.
  • Emotional stress: this is for example due to finances, relationships, etc.

So let the stress go! Find appropriate processing. Go from fear to love. ‘Rest and repair’ instead of ‘fight and flight’.

How can you do something about a disease thanks to its self-healing ability? 15 tips

How can you activate and stimulate the self-healing capacity? Fortunately, there are practical ways to do that.

Below you will find powerful, but almost ‘invisible’ powers for Western medicine. However, these invisible forces appear to control everything. For example your thoughts! Let’s take a look at all these forces that you can actually stimulate yourself …

self-healing ability

1. Forgiveness of yourself: no more guilt

You heal yourself by no longer having old feelings of guilt . The cure for this is forgiveness . You take yourself out of the victim role. We are not victims of disease, accidents, viruses, cholesterol …

2. Use your beliefs

State supportive beliefs . Let’s take the example of high cholesterol. Just say out loud:

‘I hereby cancel it, reject it and revert it.’

And then say something that’s the truth:

‘I am an infinite being. The eggs have no effect on my cholesterol. I don’t have to believe in it. ‘

3. Go from fear to self-love and self-compassion: be prepared for this!

Have the willingness (to look at this). The willingness to move towards love. To accept yourself and to love yourself . To have self- compassion (compassion is: seeing the innocence in everyone).

Love is the medicine for every illness.

4. Eat healthy: you are what you eat

Your cells can renew themselves through the healthy eating, so that someone with low resistance can feel reborn 8 months later if they radically change their diet to healthy.

Any organ can heal itself.

5. Process your old emotions

People have learned to hold on to emotions. The body then gets stuck. However, Western medicine calls it cancer, depression, migraines, etc.

Feeling = healing

Learn all the methods of processing emotions here.

6. Also accept and express the emotions you are now feeling

Sometimes you just have to cry or hit a pillow to vent your anger.  This is also about self-acceptance . EFT and the MIR method, among others, help with this.

7. Prayer and intention: deepen your spiritual connection

The power that made the body can heal the body too. We are talking about a greater intelligence running unconsciously through our body. That intelligence is the greatest healer in the world. All we have to do is get out of the way. That means: letting go of your ego. You do that through meditation and prayer .

8. The law of attraction and visualization

Joe Dispenza was recovering from a broken back in which he would never be able to walk again. So he sat for three hours every day for 6 weeks and reconstructed every bone in his mind. Then he visualized himself getting out of the wheelchair. He did this attentively. 12 weeks later it was completely resolved.

Subsequently, he has conducted a large body of scientific research on the effect of combining meditation , visualization and the law of attraction. This has proven the effect of meditation. One of his methods is to make brain scans, which showed more and more stability after the meditation.

Our minds can create it. By believing it.

In the movie Heal, you hear the story of Dianne Porchia’s client, who visualized that the chemotherapy caused all Pacman bites that only eat the cancer cells and leave the rest whole.

Visualizing works. Walk to your fridge in visualization. Grab a lemon. Cut it open and lick it. Your salivary glands are going crazy! Visualize yourself from illness to health!

9. Relaxation (against the stress)

In the film The Secret, a woman explains that during her period with breast cancer she did as many relaxing things as possible so that there would be no stress. Every day she said, “Thank you for my healing. Thank you for my healing. ‘ She lived her life as if cancer had never entered her body and she did everything she could to avoid stress in the body. For example, she watched a lot of laugh movies.

Thanks to a stress-free immune system, no disease can survive. However, when you have a disease and you constantly talk about it, you are creating disease cells.

Do you have a physical stress response, such as a rash? Your body requires attention.

10. Follow your intuition

To use the self-healing ability, it is important to trust and follow your intuition. You can find everything about following your intuition in this article.

11. Finding social support

Tell friends and family, ask for help, and be vulnerable.

12. Know your mission: have a strong reason to live

Read all about your mission in the article about Bateson’s logic levels.

13. Learn the lesson that the illness represents

Our bodies create illness as feedback to let us know that we are out of balance, that we don’t love ourselves, or that we have feelings of guilt towards ourselves. So illness isn’t terrible. Sickness is a lesson and tells you:

Look at me please. Heal what I stand for, symbolically. Please heal that guilt and hate yourself and your limiting thoughts. Raise your frequency and love me so that I can heal. ‘

In this way the disease is a requirement for spiritual growth. It tells us that there is something to look at. That something must be kept in life in a different way: certain events, for example. Events in themselves have no power. It’s how you look at it. Your judgment towards it.


Ask the question, ‘What purpose will I give this disease? Will it be an enemy or a friend, a problem or a gift, a weakness or a chance to win? Failure or a lesson? A setback or a setup for a breakthrough? An annoying failure or a wake up call (for love)? ‘ It is your choice.

Then wake up to what is really important in your life. Sickness is a call for rebirth, new beginnings, renewed sense of self, yet being, love, peace, joy, forgiveness, presence, wisdom and help.

14. Think positively and focus on the positive

This is one of the 9 things that recurs in all people who have been healed from serious illness. One way to think positively is to visualize yourself as already healed.

Have a burning desire to heal. Have faith in yourself.

Why would you think positively? Thoughts cause feelings – feelings cause actions – and actions bring about an outcome. If you want to change your feelings and actions, it is already too late. The solution? It lies with your thoughts, in other words: what do you focus on?

That is why meditation is also in one of the tips of this article. For example, observe a negative thought and ask yourself whether it is real or made up.

How does that work with illness and healing? If you think and say that you are getting a cold, your body is going to prepare for it and get a cold. If you believe that you hardly ever catch a cold, your body will adapt to it too.

See what you want to see. For example: I have healthy skin.

It’s all pretending … and pretending is just like real for your body.

“Why don’t you ever get sick?” “Because I do not want it.”

Some people are afraid of spiders, heights, needles … and some are not. Why are some people afraid of spiders? Their thoughts about  things limit them, not things themselves.

Biologically speaking, our body is naturally only afraid of two things: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. We ‘learned’ the rest. If you give a baby a tarantula, the baby will play with it. Low confidence, fear of clown, fear of kidney beans … we have all learned. We were not born that way. All you have to do is let go. That happened in a second.

The problem is not that we have thoughts. The problem is we believe them.

You don’t have to do anything. You are already whole. Suppose there is no resistance to the resistance – will the resistance dissolve by itself? Because we naturally return to our state of wholeness? The water will calm down on its own if you leave it alone.

The article on depression,  the article on changing habits  and the article on the law of attraction also discuss this.

15. A method that combines almost all of these ways of self-healing is The Journey

Take a look at the method of The Journey. This is a step-by-step plan that includes almost all of the above methods.

When do you just need a doctor or surgeon?

self-healing ability

A healthy body is 1 doctor’s prescription away …? Medicines are perfect for physical trauma. Had an accident? Give me a surgeon! Not a manual therapist!

But drugs are not suitable for completely resolving chronic pain like cancer or arthritis … Test a holistic way for that. Medicines can fix the symptom, but they don’t fix the root of the problem.

Moreover, drugs bring side effects (which are actually just direct effects), which only cause more defects so that drugs can be given again.

Read “The Self-Healing Power” by Deepak Chopra & Rudolph E. Tanzi

You can actively work on activating and stimulating the self-healing ability. The book ‘The Self-Healing Power’ translates information from medical knowledge and research into working with beliefs, stress reduction and diet.

Believe the diagnosis, but not the prognosis

Believe the diagnosis but not the prognosis. For example, the diagnosis is that someone has cancer. Believe that. The prognosis may be that he / she has only 3 months to live. Don’t believe that. That person is a unique person of whom no one knows what he / she is capable of.

Let us know your experiences about the self-healing ability in the comments.

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  1. ChaNtal

    I had been diagnosed with the hpv virus, the precursor to cervical cancer. The most important advice I got was to quit smoking, but this didn’t work. Very often thought to cut it down and use essential oils to counteract it. After a year of checking again, everything was gone.

    • Rubin Alaie

      Lifestyle (doing things other than smoking) is indeed one of the ways in which the self-healing capacity can be activated. Excellent work!