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Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: How-To [Powerful Technique]

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: How-To [Powerful Technique]

How to perform post-hypnotic suggestions? With this technique, you install additional integrations for the future of the client. You link the source-full state with the situations in which it comes in handy, so that complete integration takes place. Read here how to do this!

Do you remember the first three steps of the Hypnotic Suggestion Formula?

They were discussed in detail in the article for arousing states through hypnotic suggestions.

Step 1 – Absorb the attention.
Step 2 – Bypass the critical factor.
Step 3 – Activate the subconscious response, and amplify it equally well.

The 4th step – Integrating the state: suggestions for the future (the post-hypnotic suggestion)

Now that the state has been aroused (the subconscious response) and strengthened, we can start guiding it to the desired outcome, namely that it will also be available in abundance to the client in the future.

  1. Give the command or suggestion: tell the desired behavior or state in the form of a call to action.
  2. Optionally add the signal. Examples: it starts to occur when x happens, when you get into context x, when I do x, when you see x’s face, when a light switch goes out, when you go to bed.
    You can also allow the change to take effect immediately after the session, or you can ask the subconscious what the trigger will be.
  3. Explain exactly when, in which context the client will display the desired behavior or state.

To get more pacing momentum, as a pre-pacing step, you can first name all options of anything random, after which you install the integration. This installation can be done by remaining vague, but it can also be done by working with ‘meaningless words’ (unspecified verbs and nominalizations) : “Experience self-confidence, develop self-confidence, realize that you have self-confidence.”

Possible post-hypnotic suggestions for the future

post-hypnotic suggestions

  • While you just sit back …
    And while you think …
    I know that you are curious …
    You are curious about certain things and that is good because it is good to be curious …
    And the fact that you are curious means that you come to new insights and develop new understanding about this material …
    And those insights and that understanding allow you to CHANGE things in your life, on the unconscious level and on the conscious level, in a way that may cause your behavior to curdle, and support the direction you are going in your life. . Now I don’t know if your unconscious knows more or less than you think it knows, and if you think about it for a second, your unconscious … right now in this moment … will make new neurological connections that allow you new things into and now that you are going to make all those connections … I don’t know if those connections will manifest in the form of ideas, pictures, feelings, places sounds, or feelings … feelings that will lead you in the direction of the kind of changes you are destined to make.
  • I know you are curious … and it is good to be curious … because … that means … that you are learning many things … and all the things, all the things you can learn … equip you with new insights, and new understanding. And you can do that, right? A person can do that, you know. And it is more or less the right thing to do. You sit here listening to me and while you {one more pace}, and that means your UNCONSCIOUSNESS, DEBBIE, is here too, and can hear what you’re saying. And because that is the case, you are probably learning about this and already know more on a subconscious level than what you think and do, and it is no good if I tell your subconscious: learn this or learn that. Let him learn the way he wants to! In the order in which it wants to. Do you feel that… this is something you understand?
  • In any case, let that be a sign that you are integrating everything at the unconscious level so that next week you will know everything you need to know to continue working on {states}.
  • And as you open your mind, you will open up to new lessons so that you feel more {state} and {state} wherever you go and wherever you are, because then you will excel above the rest with your {desired state}.
  • And I wonder how soon you are going to start learning in the new ways that you now know, and I wonder which of those new things that you have learned you are going to experience first.
  • “I invite you to dream a dream of integration” (repeat). “Everything you have learned will be integrated with your daily activities.” Give examples. “And in this dream you are not aware of all those things that are going to happen, and you know that they are happening, and even as we go on you may not be aware of all those changes that are going to happen as they happen. will happen… ”
  • You don’t have to do so much yourself. Your subconscious is very strong and initiates changes, because it is responsible for that. You can look forward to how soon you will naturally pleasantly amaze yourself at how you have suddenly developed {state}.
  • You can sit there and think or experience certain things, and it is interesting to know that your subconscious mind can be busy with a series of thoughts and eventually a conclusion, without knowing it, until you get a sense of understanding like when something is on the tip of your tongue.
  • When you dream at night, you are processing everything you discussed that day. When I woke up this morning it was suddenly clear to me what to do. What happened? Your subconscious does the rest of the work now. All you have to do is let your subconscious surprise you. And as you grow and age over the days, you get more and more {desired state}.
  • Whisper very loudly “NOW”. Blow it out. Then whisper the states the client wants to get.
  • Your subconscious is there to protect you on autopilot without you knowing about habits. For example, an eye blink when something comes close, your hand already moves away from it before you touch something hot (you only notice the pain a little later), you get startled at loud noise. So it does the same with the outcome of the hypnosis. When it is cold, your muscles vibrate to warm up. So your subconscious is there to automate behavior.
  • You know you are on the right track… to fulfill your dreams, and to take a different path despite others trying to keep you from them.
  • On the way to the goal you discover new possibilities… possibilities that you initially considered… impossible… unexpected situations develop… into spiritual insights.
  • Your body is constantly changing, for example: in puberty you did not consciously have to say anything to it. Your clothing taste … When you were growing up you might not like vegetables, but now you enjoy them. Those changes happened naturally, automatically, easily and without you knowing.
  • Those new things you have learned and mastered: just let that sink in. I am taking you to a distant land in a distant past, where a shepherd regularly released his sheep in a large pasture for play and discovery. Do not imprison your {states} in your limits of your learning capacity, but simply let them expand, give them a large meadow to play in and discover. That’s what they should do: discover and have full control and understanding of these skills. Because they will be available to you at any time. Relax and stretch your learning ability so that learning can take place.
  • All you have to do is turn your attention inward, and allow your subconscious mind to prepare for a powerful learning experience, for the resources it has at its disposal can teach it to you. Because you have been exposed to tons of information throughout your life. And you know how to simulate that information in many different ways. For example: when you go to sleep, at night, and you notice that you can relax and that you are comfortably drifting away, sinking deep into a subconscious part of yourself and your experiences, so you discover how easy it is how your subconscious you can do so that you can continue with easy and natural learning, and right now you are learning to go deeper, to access all those special skills. So the deeper and more comfortable you go, the richer the learning experiences you will discover. Those powerful learning experiences are saturating your body, along with that nice feeling every time you come into contact with learning moments, just like the sponge. (Learning metaphor: say something about a sponge: as soon as it hits the water …)
  • Use all these things before you start writing automatically, for example: and now the subconscious is going to do its will by automatically writing a letter. So the subconscious can automatically move the pen across the paper. You consciously have no idea what is happening, but subconsciously you are writing important messages
  • So that you will grow strong and healthy (Learning metaphor: plant supported with a stick). You start to feel a very pleasant experience. It begins to spread, somewhere, within your body … the feeling will grow stronger (plant: the learning experiences form a structure together with your subconscious so that they grow, and strengthen and move all your relevant experiences of the past through that structure, so you can grow.) And consciously you really don’t know how much you are learning at the subconscious level, just like you don’t know what keeps your heart beating every day your whole life, but you can trust, because a life of learning is enough proof that your subconscious is doing its job, and in this way, your subconscious can prepare you for a life full of surprises as your subconscious gives you access to new abilities and skills. And I don’t know if you will have all those resources and learning experiences now as we slowly close this session, or if your subconscious will continue to work, within you, assimilating and processing experiences and harvesting from other experiences, to Construct new skills skills and learning moments so that you can reach new heights and milestones, now, it’s slowly time to come back.
  • Your subconscious will inevitably lead you naturally to that future with that {desired state}. Your unconscious makes careful adjustments, small step here, small step there.
  • {State}, that’s a natural skill for you. Bring it on!
  • Your subconscious mind knows a lot more than you think, so you know more than you think you know.
  • You learn a lot of things.
  • A world opens up for you.
  • Learn what you brought this day, and use it in the future.
  • There will be people who have been important to you.
  • you are ready to listen.
  • You gain new insights, make new friendships.
  • You are unstoppable.
  • You sit here and you listen to my voice now.
  • It is true that you and I both know you have {states}.
  • You can be more successful, discover new ways. You have to take this where it needs to go. Every time you feel that way … You can easily learn all the skills you need.
  • (that’s gonna) Inevitably (happen)
  • In a moment you will feel a finger move all of its own, it can move down, push, up, left, right, slow, fast or not at all. And if you sleep tonight you could dream, your dream could be dull, exciting, mild, memorable or not memorable. Anyway, let that be a sign to install {encouraging words}.
  • Know that all those {states} are already in you. All we have done now is to manifest those skills. You can remember them and know that they are always there for you.
  • And you want to give all of that to the world.
  • As you look back at getting those {states}, I invite you to notice how they are already affecting you, as if you already knew and could do all of these things and you have the skill to do it. Doesn’t it just seem natural and great when you look at it that way now.
  • eg with self-confidence:
    Self-confidence is a very pleasant state of mind, full of resources,
    and {states related to it}, because the experience of self-confidence gives you a good sense of security, and self-confidence helps you integrate all of that into other aspects of your life. You probably remember how you first / once learned to trust (what did you do then?), And how hard that was at first, but then you found the sources, and you know that feeling, and you wonder how quickly that can be available to you again.
    And I wonder how easily you can experience that. And allow me to invite you to focus your attention aaaaaaal on those feelings and thoughts. And while that happens I wonder how easy it is for you to think about that state, and even though this room is full of people, you can feel it …, giving you a sense of grounding and intelligence now, and while your breathing gets deeper, that feeling gets easier and easier, and you begin to feel that excellence surround you and fill your whole body, and as you continue to feel that excellence it gets easier and easier to feel it, and even while the cough is disappearing in the background, your thoughts become clearer and stronger.
  • (Now a  future pace ) And while you experience all that, I wonder how quickly you want to feel and deploy that in the future, and where in your future you want to feel and deploy it first. And the sources of all these moments can be available NOW, and in the future at the important moments. And now endure that situation with the resources you have from now on. So know you can do that in the future, NOW.
    Take a moment and relax because you know that feeling of confidence, don’t you? and you can let it grow.
    and you can put it where you want it in your future, so you know that when you communicate with people you know exactly what you want to say.
    and you’re ready to take in the feedback to move on to the next step.
  • Every time you do {future context}, you are going / get a strong urge to / want {outcome}.
  • Every time you feel like {a cigarette}, you will {grab a gum} instead, because you realize how much {nicer} it will make your life, and because it leaves you every week {benefits}.

Give memory loss for to the intervention


Immediately after installing the post-hypnotic suggestion (s), use another critical factor bypass technique to cause amnesia for what consciously just happened. The client cannot consciously remember the preceding piece because of this, so he or she will not have any conscious resistance to it. The goal or the healing can now grow from within: the integration can take place quietly in the near future.

Two useful ways of amnesia:

  • For example, go a layer deeper into the story or close the other story lines to cause amnesia. Take a look at the section about nested loops in the article about stories.
  • Or fractionate a number of times in and out of trance, ending with trance. This can also be done by already talking about the moment after the intervention: “Allow yourself to experience that, before you immediately return freshly alert and fantastic, ready to learn more.”

Well done! What now?

Now you can close your coaching session by bringing the client out of a trance. To do this, go back to the end of the article “How do you hypnotize someone?”

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