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Vacancy: NLP Coach & NLP Trainer Wanted (M/F)

Vacancy: NLP Coach & NLP Trainer Wanted (M/F)

You ended up on this page because you used very specific search terms: something with NLP and vacancy in it. Take the steps I’m going to give you to find NLP Coach & NLP Trainer vacancies. A lot of NLP coaches and trainers are being sought, but you just need to know how to find those vacancies.

Have you ever seen a ‘main course vacancy’?

If you had been a chef and you were looking for jobs, you wouldn’t search for starter jobs, main course jobs or dessert jobs. You should then search for chef vacancies. A main course is an example of something a chef makes. In the same way, NLP is an example of something a coach or a trainer uses.

This is how you find NLP vacancies (Coach, Trainer, Practitioner …)

NLP is too specific a job search term to look up. So search without the word ‘NLP’ for ‘trainer vacancy’, ‘coach vacancy’ or ‘counseling vacancy’.

Then apply with a video application and drop by in person. This is where the true power of NLP comes in. During the video and the interview, you show your character and NLP skills without mentioning the word ‘NLP’. In fact, I would recommend not even putting it on your resume.

Why is this the best way to find NLP vacancies?

The work of a coach or trainer is people work. So you don’t sell it on paper by saying you can do NLP. What is sold on paper are academic degrees. Your true strength as an NLP trainer, coach or practitioner comes into fruition when you suddenly stand there and blow everyone away with your skills.

The best sales attempt doesn’t look like a sales attempt. The best pickup attempt doesn’t look like a pickup attempt. You don’t say, “By the way, I’m selling you something right now” when you want to start selling something. In the same way you do not say: ‘I use NLP by the way’ if you want to apply NLP.

How can I still incorporate NLP into my work?

Are you responding to a trainer vacancy as a communication trainer? Provide communication training during your working days in which you include NLP, other methodologies and your own presence.

Are you responding to a coaching vacancy? Perfect. Many coaches are sought by companies. For example career coaches. You are perfect for that! So no NLP coaches are sought, but just coaches and trainers!

Isn’t it bad from a marketing point of view to simply be a ‘coach’ or just a ‘trainer’?

Yes, that’s right, but that’s another story. This applies if you want to position yourself as a self-employed person. Then you cannot just be a ‘coach’, but then you have to be, for example, a football coach, smoking coach, stress coach or another … coach to get clients. If you want to help everyone, you don’t help anyone.

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