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Template: Coach Form For Client [Intake & Follow-up] [Example]

Template: Coach Form For Client [Intake & Follow-up] [Example]

Do you want an intake form for your coaching practice? Here you will find an example of a coaching form, including sample questions to use in your intake form. Read further…

The importance of an intake form / coach form

An intake form is essential because it helps your client spend a longer time thinking about how the client expresses his / her challenge and communicates to you. This allows you to skip a lot of hassle and you can immediately take big steps in the first appointment.

An intake form also places the coach client in an active attitude. He / she has a real task and in this way actually invests by putting effort into it. Moreover, you can process even more messages in the intake form with which you manage the expectations of the client. For example, you can write that the client really needs to put in time and energy.

Drawing up a coach form: example

coaching form example tips

{Coach name} {subject, for example tennis, stress, career} coaching intake form

I use this form to map out what your goals are and how I can best tailor my coaching to them.


Please fill in the following fields before we start.



E-mail address:

Phone number:

Intake questions

  1. What goals do you want to achieve in the next three months?
  2. Where are you now?
  3. What stops you?
  4. What do you need for this (qualities, abilities, contacts, actions, knowledge)?
  5. What change would you like to see in the next month?
  6. What big change do you want to make next year?
  7. What major changes have you undergone in recent years?
  8. To what extent do you experience stress in your current life on a scale of 1-10 (1 = none, 10 = maximum stress)
  9. What are the main causes of this stress?
  10. What traits / skills would you like to develop?
  11. Do you want to let me know before we start the session?

The above example coaching form is based on the ‘Outcome model’

The Outcome model is a widely used model for the intake of coaching trajectories. This model is so useful that it even has a lot of effect by answering all these questions. Here you will find the full outcome model.

Extra requirements in the coaching process

  • An application form.
  • Create a document setting up a SMART goal with your client.
  • Create a PDP & action plan.
  • Accounting package for your administration.
  • Quotation for your coaching process.
  • Format and example for your invoices.
  • Homework tasks and arrangements for your client. Here you will find coaching tips on giving homework.
  • Document with the general conditions for your coaching trajectory.
  • Reflectieformulier.
  • Evaluation form: feedback on your coaching process. Give one to the client and give one to the individual client.
  • Testimonial invitation and testimonial questions.
  • Payment reminder / request.

To your success!

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