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Best Law Of Attraction Books [Top 10] [The Secret]

Best Law Of Attraction Books [Top 10] [The Secret]

What are the best ‘law of attraction’ books in which you learn to apply ‘The secret’? Here you will find a top 10 list of recommendations about the law of attraction. Read along…

What is The Law of Attraction / The Secret?

The law of attraction is one way to achieve your goals and dreams. Not by forcing it, but by already feeling good about yourself and already feeling like you’ve already achieved it.

In 2006, the law of attraction became known worldwide through the documentary and book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. However, the principles of The Secret are centuries old.

I wrote an article with a complete step-by-step plan for the law of attraction. Click here to read this applicable step-by-step plan.

1 – The Law of Attraction

Esther Hicks is # 1 because she knows how to make the law of attraction interesting in a sort of science fiction way. She uses exciting terms such as ‘vortex’ and ‘rocket of desire’. It is also special how she knows how to ‘channel’ the wisdom of an ‘angel’ – Abraham – to reveal the wisdom of the universe.

2 – The Secret, Rhonda Byrne’s famous book

The most famous book on the law of attraction is The Secret. The author was able to make the law of attraction extra exciting with the name ‘The Secret’ and the storytelling and design around it. The book and the film feel like a kind of ‘old manuscript’ that you can finally discover. Her sequels, The Power and The Magic, have also been positively received.

3 – Ask and it will be given – Esther Hicks

This is an extensive book with theory and 22 proven exercises around the law of attraction. There is also a matching set of cards.

4 – The wonderful power of conscious intention

This book is a logical follow-up to “Ask and It Is Given” that clarifies the law of attraction even more.

5 – The universe is behind you – Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein is known for stressing the importance of relaxing and trusting. You don’t have to be forced to work to achieve your dreams. If you yourself feel relaxed, rested and positive, the universe will make everything much easier for you.

6 – Expect miracles

Step by step, day by day, practice by practice, Gabrielle Bernstein takes you for 40 days in a row in her methodology for the law of attraction.

7 – The Masters of the Far East

A well-known book on the esoteric aspect of the law of attraction.

8 – Happiness without conditions 110 $ 0.04 0.48

Negative thoughts are replaced in this book with trust and meditation, making your dreams come to you more easily.

9 – Law of attraction planner

Law of attraction planners are useful. They will help you on your way while applying the attraction for more money, your dream home or in love …

10 – Think and grow rich

Think and grow rich is a tough book, but it is one of the first ‘popular’ books on this topic. In any case, the stories in this book are still inspiring.

Comprehensive article

You can also read our extensive blog article on the law of attraction, with 60+ tips and steps to apply the law of attraction. In this blog article you will be structurally guided in the pursuit of your dreams with the law of attraction.

To your success!

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