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How To Develop Decisiveness [Best Tips]

How To Develop Decisiveness [Best Tips]

How can you develop and demonstrate decisiveness? Let’s see what this competency looks like in practice. Read more…

Tip 1 – Have courage

Making decisions takes courage. There is no point in making a hesitant decision. Otherwise you will constantly doubt it, and others too. So have the courage to support your decision.

Tip 2 – Be sharp

Your decision should be based on a keen observation and consideration. So be awake and sharp, or as the saying goes: ‘on top of your game.’

Tip 3 – Actually implement your decision

A decision must also be implemented. Don’t be afraid to act when necessary and guide your decision to completion.

Tip 4 – Trust your intuition

Sometimes a situation requires you to make an immediate choice without hesitation. If you have to make a decision in a millisecond, there is no time to think. So you will have to trust your intuition, then there is a good chance that it will end well. You can read here how to listen better to your intuition …

Life is a daring adventure or nothing.
Helen Keller

Tip 5 – Make a patient choice

If you just have time to think, do that too. Be patient with your choice so that you can make a good, decisive decision.

Tip 6 – Affirm your decisiveness

Say the sentence below out loud:

I am decisive and I am grateful for that. All my actions speak of decisiveness. My determination is the solid ground on which I stand firm.

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