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11 Simple Ways to Become More Generous [Examples] [Generosity Tips]

11 Simple Ways to Become More Generous [Examples] [Generosity Tips]

Do you want to become a more generous person? In this article, you will find tips, ways and examples of being generous. You will learn ways to be generous without money and you will learn why generosity is important at home, at work, at school and in everyday life. What are the characteristics of a generous person? Read along and you’ll learn all about generosity!

How can you be a generous person? Let’s start by looking at all the tips!

Let’s look at some tips so we can learn to become more generous and apply the virtue of generosity.

Tip 1 – Share or give something that has meaning for you

Donate not only things that are unimportant to you, but also donate something that you can really learn to detach from. That may be:

  • Your time
  • Your knowledge
  • A helping hand
  • Items
  • Money

Tip 2 – Don’t expect anything back: you don’t want attention or a reward in return

You are really sacrificing something for someone else. So the point is that you don’t get anything in return. At least, your ego doesn’t get anything back for it, and that’s actually fine. Be mindful of this.

Tip 3 – Don’t enquire how your gift is used

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The other person may fully decide for himself/herself what he/she is going to do with the gift. Don’t enquire how your gift is used: you just give it and then you let it go. True giving means that the other person can decide for himself what to do with the gift. What you certainly shouldn’t do is remind people that you gave them a gift.

Tip 4 – Live with the conviction that there is more than enough for everyone

Believe that there is plenty to enjoy for everyone. In this way, you have an abundance-mindset. This is necessary in order to be able to give with all your heart.

Tip 5 – Take the opportunity to give something

See it as an opportunity that you can seize by giving something. Find out how many times you’ve missed out on missed opportunities for applying generosity.

Tip 6 – It’s just fun to give something

Don’t you get very cheerful when you give something? That’s an extra reason to be generous more often!

Tip 7 – Give with all your heart: do not hold back

If you give, do so with all your heart. If you receive, do so with all your heart.

Tip 8 – Call upon your ability to be attentive and courteous

generosity tips

There are some other virtues that really match well with generosity. If you are good at being attentive, then generosity will be much easier for you. Attentive people immediately grab their chance to pick up something for someone, to support someone or to give something to someone!

Tip 9 – See generosity as something magical and pure

Read the quotation below:

A gift that is given without expecting anything in return, in the conviction that it should be given, in a good place and at a suitable time, to someone who deserves it – that is a pure gift.
– Bhagavad Gita

Tip 10 – Recognize that someone else needs your help

Make it clear to yourself that you are helping out of generosity. Subsequently, you give your value and help.

Tip 11 – Be generous in your encouragement and recognition of others

Wherever you are, encourage and recognize people when you see that they deserve it. Let people shine! You can be very creative about this. Let yourself be inspired to thank someone, encourage someone or to give warm compliments to someone, just because of who that person is!

Why is generosity so important?

Without generosity, the world would be an unhappy place. Nothing would then be donated without any secondary motives. There would always be conditions attached to a gift. But that is not a gift. That is not generosity.

Moreover, you will get a good feeling if you are being generous. This good feeling also touches the other person, and in this way you, you have manifested joy in this world.

When you are being generous, you are having a big impact on the world. Give something and it will work contagiously.

In addition, generosity is a way of detaching. Sooner or later you will have to say goodbye to your possessions, so why not already now – if you can make someone happy with it now? Moreover, this way you get space for new beautiful things. This is the power of detachment, which you can combine with generosity. This contributes to your spiritual development.

Generosity is a way to send love into the world

If you do something good for another person out of generosity, that person will then be inclined to do something good for yet another person. In this way it causes a chain effect of good deeds on the world.

You make the world a better place because it works contagiously when you are generous. Others are affected by this and are going to do the same thing! You can set a ‘pay it forward effect’ in motion. This even creates a snowball effect so that you can make the world a nicer place.

Generosity affirmation: read this sentence out loud

I am generous. I look forward to all opportunities to share and give. I am attentive in my generosity. I give in a free-flowing way, without conditions and with all my heart, full of joy!

Have fun applying generosity and becoming a generous person!

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