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Wisdom Meaning: What is Wisdom? [Virtue / Philosophy]

Wisdom Meaning: What is Wisdom? [Virtue / Philosophy]

What is Wisdom? What is the meaning of this virtue and what are the characteristics of a wise owl? Read along

What is Wisdom?

Let’s discover what wisdom is through the bullets below …

  • Wisdom is, as it were, the sentinel of your choices. Thanks to your wisdom, you can choose the right path at the right time.
  • Thanks to your wisdom you get a clear understanding and a deep insight.
  • You have a clear judgment.
  • You resist your desires, virtue play, virtue
  • You make adult decisions.
  • You have the patience to make informed decisions.
  • You seek knowledge and you think before you act. And…
  • … At a certain point you stop seeking knowledge and thinking, so that you can open yourself up to inspiration. Wisdom goes deeper than knowledge and thoughts. It takes you to a deeper knowing.

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