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Taking responsibility, how do you do that? [Tips & examples]

Taking responsibility, how do you do that? [Tips & examples]

How can you take, show and bear responsibility? What are examples of responsibility? In this article you will learn the meaning of responsibility, how you can develop this competence and how you can be extra responsible.

Tip 1 – Keep your agreements: others can count on you if you are responsible

Other people would like to be able to rely on us. Responsibility makes it possible. How can you achieve this? For example, you stick to your agreements!

Tip 2 – You are accountable for what you did or did not do

What do responsible people do? When you are responsible, you don’t try to hide your mistakes. You are willing to accept the consequences yourself, possibly correct the mistake and learn the lesson.

Have the humility to admit your mistakes.

Moreover, this way you are accessible to other people to give you feedback. People can count on you because they know that they can talk to you about behavior without any problems.

Tip 3 – You are not accountable for what others have or have not done

You focus on what you do yourself. You can influence that. So you don’t focus on what someone else should or shouldn’t do.

I focus on my own part, not that of someone else.

tip 4 – If you are responsible, you do things with full commitment


Are you responsible? Then you show your commitment and you actually do your best. You do this to achieve the best possible result.

Tip 5 – Are you responsible? Then you accept constructive feedback

When you are approached on behavior when something went wrong (tips and tops ), you accept it. You are not on the defensive and you are prepared to resolve misunderstandings.

Tip 6 – You accept compliments and praise for yourself

You take responsibility for yourself by receiving all the praise and beautiful compliments and recognition. Do this with the necessary modesty.

Tip 7 – You don’t blame others

When you make a mistake, you take responsibility for it by not blaming others and your own memory. You don’t make excuses. This way, other people can see that they can count on you. This is a sign of maturity.

Tip 8 – You do not promise anything you cannot do

You don’t promise to do things that are actually too difficult for you or that you don’t have time for. It is irresponsible behavior if you place too many responsibilities on you and then you fail to keep the agreements. No matter how good your intentions are.

Tip 9 – You are proactive in everything you do

Proactive people are responsible people. So, discover exactly what it’s like to have proactive behavior in this article.

Closing affirmation for showing responsibility

I act responsibly. So I always do my best and I stick to my agreements. I receive both compliments and constructive feedback with openness.

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Hopefully the examples (tips) in this article have given you more insight into how to develop responsibility. Good luck developing responsibility!

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