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My life in 10 years: where will I see myself in 10 years? (Example!)

My life in 10 years: where will I see myself in 10 years? (Example!)

Do you ask yourself, “What is my ideal life?” “What does a perfect day look like for me?” In this article you will find a personal example of how I see my life in 10 years. You can also do this for your future, so answer for yourself afterwards the following question: “Where do I see myself in 10 years?” “And in 5 years?” Read more…

Is such an ideal life really possible?

Maybe you read my ideal future day below and you think: how is it possible to have to work so little in a day! Is that really possible? Yes! It really is possible. It is possible thanks to …

  • The principle of effectiveness (not doing an unnecessary amount of work that does not yield any results).
  • The principle of lifestyle design (a millionaire lifestyle is more important than actually having millions in the bank without enjoying it).
  • The law of attraction (what you expect and see before you, you will get).

The great thing about this is: as soon as you write down and imagine what your life will look like in 1 year, something special will happen and it will almost certainly come true. You can read more about this in the article about the law of attraction.

My life in 10 years – I’ll do it with 1 year by the way (let’s get crazy)

You will be amazed at how much you can actually achieve in one year. Ask yourself: “What if I can realize my ten-year plan in 1 year?” So I personally do this exercise with 1 year. Fill in for yourself if you want to do the exercise for your ideal day in 1, 3, 5 or 10 years.

So, what will my ideal day look like in the future?

Day part 1 – My ideal day starts in peace with my morning routine in the early morning

My life in 1 year will of course start with a vigorous morning routine.  My morning starts in peace.

  1. I get up at 5:00 am and then immediately make my bed.
  2. Let the body recover from the night. I immediately drink half a liter of water and I stretch or hang out.
  3. I put on some happy, calm or epic music.
  4. I do a few reps of any fitness exercise. I only do this for the feeling: it is not a serious workout.
  5. Shower, with cold water at the end! In the meantime, I rinse my mouth with oil. I take care of myself. Brushing my teeth, flossing, brushing my tongue, shaving and smearing oils on my skin. To music, of course: it’s a party in the bathroom!
  6. I already checked my calendar the night before, so I basically know what I’m going to do today.
  7. I review my vision board and personal status with things that are important to me. A day ticket can also be a nice addition to this. I affirm this. Think of it as a law of attraction – visualization – ritual to make it top of mind and reality.
  8. I write in my gratitude journal .
  9. I do a (dynamic) meditation, such as Tony Robbins’ priming exercise ( see explanation in this article about morning routines ) or another, more quiet form of a short meditation.
  10. In the meantime it is almost 6:00 am. A good time to ‘eat my frog’ before the rest of my family (partner) wakes up. That means that I will already be doing a difficult job, such as the tax or something else that I would otherwise postpone. When I work on the computer, I use the ‘Freedom’ app so I don’t have access to social media.
  11. Around 6:45 am the rest of the world wakes up and it’s time to give my family (girlfriend / wife / kids) attention. I make a detox smoothie with vegetables for my family and myself. Have breakfast together with lots of fat and vitamins (pills). Also, only now can other people ask me things.
  12. Just dance around the breakfast table with my family! And maybe we’ll do a few push-ups together.

Day 2 – I’m not going to work yet! First to the gym

I leave for the gym around 7:45 am, at the same time as the kids are going to school and my girlfriend is going to work.

  1. I start with strength training in the gym – together with my sports buddy or in a group class.
  2. I do some back support exercises for a straight back.
  3. I am looking up my Yoga class.
  4. I throw over with a ball ( New Code NLP ).

Day 3 – If I feel like it: meditate for one to two hours

It’s 10:00 am. Until noon I can meditate or go on a healing journey

Isn’t this a waste of your time? Wouldn’t it be better to use that time to handle those important emails and phone calls? The great thing about meditation is that it makes you realize that those emails and phone calls aren’t even important. I also see it as a test, but it is a very special and effective test!

Day 4 – Time for a hobby: creativity comes before work

At the beginning of the afternoon I make time for my hobby.

  1. Make music, paint or something else creative. This is also a good time to have a teacher come by so that I really learn it well.
  2. Read a paragraph from a novel, poetry or book. When I read every day, my ‘wish list’ of books that I still really want to read shrinks automatically. Also, I can enjoy audios and videos during this time! One paragraph is enough, but it can also take an hour.

Day 5 – Working, volunteering or a day off

I’m going to dedicate a part of the day specifically to work. Or I always plan my work in between the ‘nicer’ activities / hobbies of my day.

  1. Around 2:00 PM it is time to do some work until 5 PM at most. (Guest) speaking, coaching or a marketing communication job. If you are an entrepreneur, you only need to work a few hours a day. For that you have to make sure that your effectiveness is so high (doing the right things, and not doing nonsensical things) and that you have other sources of income so that you can do what you love. Important: my work always stops before 5 pm and only takes place during the week. Evenings and weekends are free.
  2. Or I will do voluntary work: contribute something for what I think is a good cause. Baking cookies with seniors or walking dogs at a shelter is just one example of what I would like to do. I could also do something voluntarily at schools or other associations.
  3. Or it is time for a free (mid) day. For example, in such unexpected and anticipated free time during the week, I can do any of the following:
  • To walk.
  • Buying clothes and making other purchases.
  • Visiting a friend / family.
  • Visiting a festival.
  • To the church.
  • Play video games on my Playstation.
  • Organize a meditative meeting (for adults or children)
  • I choose one of the many date ideas with my partner .
  • Relax somewhere.
  • Have a nice chat with someone.
  • Doing the housework and ironing.
  • Read Book / Listen Podcast.
  • Meditate.
  • Being open to new situations and activities that arise in the moment.

Day 6 – Cooking!

  1. Just stop by the shops for groceries …
  2. And then cook! Preferably lots of vegetables and fish. My favourite!
  3. Eat together with my family – at least once a week with family and / or friends I invite.

Day 7 – Evening!

  1. Do an evening hobby: dance, theater sports, you name it! Tip: there are always fun cultural things to do at student associations, also for non-students.
  2. Visit a network meeting : Seats2meet, Stijp-S, OBBE, Expertmeetings, Open Coffee, Meetup, Affiliate blogger meetings …
  3. Throw a house party yourself or go to a party! To enjoy! Possibly with my best friends.

Day part 8 – Evening routine and going to bed

  1. I check my agenda to see if there are appointments tomorrow.
  2. Quality time with my family: for sleeping with the whole family or the whole family together. We celebrate the presents of the day by sharing our gratitude and appreciation for the day. We ask ‘How was your day’ and we reflect on our day so that we are not just ‘running laps’. We do an evening meditation, we say thank you to each other, we say and / or sing thank you to God and then we share the possible sadness or pain of the day. Finally, we say sorry to each other. We forgive and let go.
  3. I’m taking a shower.
  4. I write in my diary.
  5. I go to bed early (unless I’ve been out), leaving all electronics except my alarm clock outside my bedroom.

And in my weekends and free time?

Everything is allowed in it! Except work then . So I would on weekends …

  • Being able to do the housekeeping … (do the laundry, change bed linen, etc.)
  • Being able to do my administration
  • Have a super happy fun day
  • or process elements of my weekday.

but if I do …

  • wants to sleep in;
  • want to go out all weekend;
  • want to sit on the beach;
  • want to visit family;
  • want to have a quiet Sunday (or active meditation);
  • or just want to read books …

Then that is also allowed! That’s what the weekend is for. Sunday is in any case an offline day in which I am also not available.

Where will you be in 10 years (or 1/3/5 years)?

where will I be in 10 years

Write down your ideal life of the future in detail: what will your perfect day look like in 10 years, for example? As a result, you will almost automatically visualize what such a day looks like, making it more real. You can also add extra strength to this by making a vision board !

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